Black Widow To Be Released This April In Hong Kong And China?

Over the past year, we’ve seen China become the biggest box office territory across the world overtaking North America mostly with non-Hollywood productions due to the pandemic, but it looks like we might be getting to watch Black Widow soon.

It seems China will be in line to watch Marvel’s Black Widow starring Scarlett Johannsson as the titular character first, before US audiences after over a year’s delay in a big coup.

Scheduled for May 7th elsewhere, (potentially May 17th in the UK restrictions abiding…) the film looks to be dropping into China on the 30th of April with Hong Kong a day before.

This will be a full week before other audiences worldwide.

The source comes from a reputable Chinese box office analyst called Gavin Feng (@gavinfeng97), who posted the news on Twitter, and an updated Hong Kong poster was also on view.

Disney have yet to officially confirm Black Widow’s release date

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Disney and Marvel Studios have yet to confirm the move, but it comes as a hugely positive step that the May 7th release date for Black Widow in the US, is the plan.

As New York City cinemas open with 25% capacity for the first time in months, it’s one of the last major domestic markets across North America to re-open, with LA being the other.

Confidence over at Disney in the strength of the market against the vaccine roll out and coronavirus measures are obviously growing in strength.

Opening a week earlier in China and Hong Kong gives a great way to gain significant box office overseas and build up confidence heading into the domestic release.

The situation we’ve seen over the past few months and comments from both Disney and Marvel Studio executives have been around the film being focused upon a theatrical distribution.

Could Black Widow be coming to Disney Plus?

Black Widow Disney Plus 2021 films to watch

Credit: Marvel Studios

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However, could we see Black Widow in a similar schedule to which Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount and Universal have trialed over the past 12 months with a shorter release window?

Meaning the film could be seen at a premium fee on Disney Plus after a month of cinematic release?

It would certainly act as an incentive to drive profits, but fundamentally would also turn away customers from the cinema.

And for an industry that has suffered huge setbacks over the past 12 months, that could be an even bigger blow.

This will be the first Disney cinematic release in the US in more than 12 months.

What do you think? Are you happy to go back to the cinema to watch Black Widow?

Or would you prefer to watch it at home on Disney Plus at a higher price?

Let us know in the comments below.


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