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Marvel Studios Reportedly Considering Releasing Black Widow On Disney Plus

It’s being rumoured that Marvel Studios is considering releasing Black Widow on Disney Plus during this Coronavirus pandemic.

There are now multiple reports that Disney is considering releasing Black Widow straight to Disney Plus.

The main reason behind this potential development is due to the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic is still going on.

Movie studios like Disney and Marvel Studios have no idea when it’s going to end, and there’s also the fact that even when it ends, people might not want to go to the cinemas.

Black Widow was supposed to be released in cinemas on May 1st, but the film’s release date was pushed back.

Black Widow might be coming to Disney Plus

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YouTuber Everything Always recently released a video in which he stated that industry insiders told him that Disney was now thinking of releasing Black Widow on Disney Plus.

He added that they might even consider charging people to watch the movie on the streaming platform.

He stated that it might be the only movie for Disney and Marvel moving forward.

It does mean that Disney would have to take a hit on the movie at the box office.

Hopefully, things will end up something themselves out and we can go and watch Black Widow at the cinemas once the pandemic is over.

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