Is There Any Hype Behind The Release Of Black Widow?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is going to see the release of the Black Widow movie, but has the release been delayed too many times?

The Marvel Universe has managed to create a huge fan base all over the world, so every new release of their movies is perceived as something fantastic and incredible.

The upcoming summer promises to be much better and more interesting compared to the last year.

Firstly, people are used to the quarantine, and their mental state has become better.

Secondly, vaccine development suggests leaving homes in the nearest future and getting back on track with the usual stuff.

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July promises to stand out with the release of the super-budget Marvel movie, Black Widow.

However, some sceptics are not sure it will be of great interest.

Does Black Widow need a love storyline?

black widow disney 2020 blockbuster releases

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Well, the upcoming Phase 4 should widen the franchise in various ways.

Many characters will get an opportunity to step in front and get solo movies.

Black Widow is supposed to open a new chapter in this regard.

Even though the Marvel Universe doesn’t have to provide their heroes with romantic relationships all the time, almost every movie stands out with a romantic storyline in which a woman plays a victim who needs help and support.

If you have watched all their movies, you have noticed that every hero has their potential soulmate.

And it seems Black Widow is the only character who can do well without all this romantic tinsel.

She has stayed a mystery for too long, so viewers got only some little clues on her story.

Still, the producer’s decision to create a potential romantic storyline between Black Widow and Bruce Banner in Avengers split the fans into two categories.

There is no accurate info on whether they will develop this storyline, but it seems the character played by Scarlet Johansson is cool enough to be single.

They don’t reveal details about the plot, so it seems we will find out the whole story only on a big screen.

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Are fans hyped to watch Black Widow?

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in the film's first trailer

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Usually, studios release trailers for the most expected upcoming movies to build up suspense among avid movie fans.

Thus, nobody was surprised to come across the debut trailer for the film in 2019.

It was supposed to be the beginning of a marketing campaign, but people didn’t know at that moment that they would have to stay home isolated from the world during the next year.

Thus, all these scheduling delays have resulted in the fact that fans have already seen many pieces of footage from the movie, so their interest has gradually gone down.

And even though the Marvel Universe advertisers hope to get viewers re-hyped, it seems that the best moment has already been lost, and another delay of the release will kill the last shred of interest.

If you want to enjoy the movie, it is better not to watch all these numerous trailers that reveal Black Widow’s story one way or another.

When can you watch the movie?

Black Widow Florence Pugh Hawkeye

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Black Widow has been announced to be the first feature movie from Phase 4.

Initially, it was planned to become one of two Marvel releases the last year, but the complicated epidemiological situation around the world has brought its adjustments.

Fans hoped to watch the movie in the first week of May, but the new release date suggests that you will be able to enjoy it on July 9.

You will be able to watch it either on a big screen or on Disney Plus if you are subscribed to Premier Access.

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What is Black Widow’s rating?

Black Widow delayed

Credit: Marvel Studios

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Even though many Marvel admirers hoped that Black Widow would get R-rating and continue the tradition of Deadpool, it seems the miracle will not happen this time.

The movie will not start a new chapter in this cinematographic regard.

There were rumours that the movie would become the first MCU release to appear on big screens with a limited grading from the MPAA, but things will be the same as always.

Thus, the movie will get PG-13 and will not stand out from the rest.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to the release of Black Widow?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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