That Huge Black Adam Cameo You Missed Revealed


Have you noticed Blaze in Black Adam? The DC movie’s frenzy has now died down and got replaced by the Black Panther frenzy, which joyfully gives both Marvel and DC fandoms content to rejoice. As The Rock said himself, there’s no need for dumb competition between the two brands; let’s just enjoy both universes for what they have to offer.

With the DCU movie not only in theatres but available on digital as well now, people are free to watch and pause on demand… meaning certain things unnoticed until now are starting to emerge from the movie. Did you think there was only one surprise cameo in the film? Let’s see who else joined the party!

Who is Blaze?

Blaze Black Adam

Credit: DC Comics

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You may have missed her during the hell sequences since she made a speedy onscreen appearance before the focus shifted back to Sabbac again. Yet she was still there in the flesh: the half-human, half-demoness Blaze. But who is she?

Blaze is the human/demon hybrid child of the Wizard Shazam and a demoness who’s identity remains unknown. Yes, the very Shazam who gave his powers to Black Adam and later to Billy Batson. Blaze also has a brother named Satanus.

She’s a red-skinned demoness with horns who disguises herself as the Metropolis nightclub owner Angelica Blaze in order to steal souls. Superman once followed her to Hell to fight for the souls of Jimmy Olsen and Perry White‘s son. She even clashed with Doctor Fate once, which makes her appearance in the movie more than just random.

What about her brother, Satanus?

DC Comics Satanus

Credit: DC Comics

Satanus resembles a traditional demon, with large horns that protrude from the front of his head and dark red skin. He wears a heavy Roman-style helmet which buries his face in shadow. Just like her sister, he disguises himself as a human named Collin Thornton, the publisher of Newstime magazine, who had previously hired Clark Kent as editor.

What are they famous for?

Blaze in DC Comics

Credit: DC Comics

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Blaze and Satanus are two of the many villains involved in the Underworld Unleashed crossover event. Both are pawns in the demon Neron’s plans to give many of the DC Universe‘s villains and heroes their heart’s desires in exchange for their souls or for completing a task for him.

The siblings are also major characters in the Reign in Hell miniseries. In this story, they have become the rulers of Purgatory and decide to lead a rebellion against Hell by offering “hope to the hopeless”, which has never happened before. They are opposed by Neron, other demons and the magical superheroes of the DC Universe.

At one point, Blaze contacts Mary Marvel, offering to restore her lost powers in exchange for killing Freddy Freeman so that she can have his powers. Mary appears to go along with it, seemingly poisoning Freddy. However, when Blaze arrives, Freddy gets up and fights her, eventually impaling her with an iron statue and using his lightning to send her back to Hell.

Then comes their connexion to the Justice League. Satanus managed to send the Justice League to Hell, where the League thwarts Satanus‘ plans to get the nine pieces of Dante’s mask. Satanus attempts to use the mask to become all-powerful but is prevented by Plastic Man, who is possessed by the mask. The mask is then destroyed by the combined efforts of the League before escaping from Hell.

What could this mean for the DCU?

DCU Heroes

Credit; DC Comics

Every superhero movie follows the same pattern: introduce your character all while leaving hidden easter eggs here and there for viewers to find later on. These easter eggs, most of the time, reference something to come later in the extended cinematic universe, and with DC Studios now in charge, it’s exactly what’s being planned. This means that Blaze’s appearance must hide something bigger to come in future DCU movies, knowing that she’s:

  • Linked to Black Adam (which universe is going to be expanded)
  • Linked to Shazam’s lore (again, expansion of the Shazam universe coming)
  • Linked to Doctor Fate (whose helmet went to seek another host)
  • Linked to Superman and Metropolis
  • Linked to the Justice League

When you start looking at her connections to other DC heroes, it appears pretty clear that she and her brother have very high chances of returning to the DCU in more significant roles. They could totally fight Black Adam or even the Shazam Family. Dwayne Johnson wasn’t exaggerating when he said that the Black Adam universe would be extended!

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