Which Is The Best Small Screen For You? This Is The Tech You Have To Use

Technology can be funny sometimes, and getting a ‘small screen‘ to suit you can be tough.

There was a time when bigger was considered better.

Then, we went through a reverse phase that included boasting about having the smallest phone amongst friends.

Over the last decade, though, we have come to an understanding where the screen sizes are just about right, not too big, nor too small.

Still, there are enough variations in the market when it comes to screen sizes and their applications that one needs to spend a little time before investing in any new device.

For the purpose of this article, we will consider small screens as anything below a standard laptop.

However, you’ll see that with modern technology entering the market, tablets becoming more popular than ever, and smartphones upping their game, there is quite a bit of variety in screen types, especially when we consider mobile devices.

Movie Buff

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The concept of Netflix and chill is no longer a Millennial trend, but a part of our daily lives now.

With more streaming options entering the market such as Tamilyogi, our small screens have become the ideal viewing choice for watching the latest blockbusters.

However, remember that once you decide on the perfect display to watch a show, it is essential to first download the newest entertainment streaming app on your device.

As for the screen, there is the possibility of installing an image magnifier to increase its size. Unfortunately, magnifiers take away from the quality of the picture.

Therefore, for a movie buff, either opt for a tablet or else pick the LG V40 ThinQ.

The brand is already known for its television sets, and the phone comes with added features like Netflix picture-in-picture, HDR, and zoom to fill, that make your movie viewing experience all the better.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers might need bigger screens

Graphic designers might need bigger screens – Credit: Pexels

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For a graphic designer on the move, who needs to have something handy at all times, nothing beats the charm of the latest 12.9” iPad Pro.

Available in a slightly smaller screen size also, it is the use of the Apple Pencil that gives it an edge over others, making it easy for artists to convert their inspirations into beautiful designs quickly.

Add to that the iPad’s multitasking possibilities, liquid retina display that pops all the colours on the screen, and you end up with a winning combination in your hands.

Casino Player

Robert De Niro in Casino

Robert De Niro in Casino – Credit: Universal Pictures

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Mobile apps of online casinos have made it all the more straightforward for people to earn money while they are travelling.

No longer does one need to carry a laptop, as smartphones allow enthusiasts to play all kinds of games, such as slots, live poker, and roulette, on their phones.

However, if you plan to play in public, it is worth investing in one of the latest foldable phones for a little bit more privacy.

A relatively new technology, foldable phones give you a bigger screen size option and the convenience of keeping things more private.

After all, you don’t want to worry about attention from strangers when you win a jackpot.


photo 1498050842100 717f08672ac6

Photographers are always looking for the very best shot – Credit: Unsplash

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Mobile photography has taken off massively over the past few years.

At the heart of it are the fantastic cameras that are now a standard part of any new smartphone.

Although you are likely to come across every mobile brand, promising you the best photos ever, both Google Pixel and Apple iPhone are the ones you want to check out first.

While their cameras are top-notch, the screens are of ideal size, as they allow you to edit photos using apps with ease, while still keeping the phone handy enough to carry in your pocket.

What do you make of this article?

Which ‘small screen‘ is the one for you?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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