The Power of Technology: How Flexibility Is Opening Up The Gaming World

Gaming has always been popular.

From the time Computer Space burst onto the scene in 1971 and made video games available to the masses, the industry has boomed.

Today, when you combine video games with their counterparts, online casino games, the market is bigger than ever.

As well as a value close to $200 billion, the two industries have become more things to more people over the last few years.

Indeed, thanks to the advent of mobile gaming and other tech innovations, games are now enjoyed by an estimated 2.5 billion people around the world.

The Move Towards Flexibility


Tech is getting better and smaller – Credit: Pexels

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Of course, the inherent appeal of digital games is what draws people in.

However, the industry’s success isn’t based on that alone. When you delve into the options, you can see another force at work.

For example, inside the online casino section of Paddy Power, you’ll find over 300 games.

Within this library of options is a variety of themes, genres and ways of playing. For example, Leprechaun’s Luck fits in with classic motifs within the casino world, namely good fortune and pots of gold guarded by Irish icons.

From there, you can move across to blackjack, roulette and all manner of alternatives.

What this shows is that flexibility is crucial in the gaming sector.

In fact, when you bring technology into the mix, it’s possible to take this idea a step further.

Over the last decade, live streaming has become hugely popular.

Platforms such as Twitch now attract more than 15 million users on a daily basis.

Capitalising on the rise in popularity of this technology, game developers have created live games.

Focusing again on the casino sector, players can now switch from digital games to live ones.

This technology is the epitome of flexibility.

Because developers understand that the key to success is being all things to all players, they’re now making products that cover multiple mediums.

New Perspectives on Classic Ideas

The VR gaming space is going to be a game-changer

The VR gaming space is going to be a game-changer – Credit: Pexels

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It’s the same in video gaming.

Virtual reality (VR) is now taking players to new places while giving them something familiar to cling to.

For instance, Minecraft, the sandbox hit originally written in Java, is now available in VR form.

By taking an existing product that people know and making it into a virtually real world, the Mojang have broadened its appeal.

Today, fans of niche games (like Minecraft) sit alongside those that enjoy cutting-edge gaming technology.

Again, this is all down to flexibility and the notion that games are more sophisticated than they once were.

Indeed, if we go back to the days of arcade games like Computer Space, the difference is night and day.

That game was available on one device (an arcade machine) and appealed to one demographic (those that liked avoiding obstacles in a spaceship).

Sure, it was great at the time but such dynamics just wouldn’t work today.

Modern gamers want products that span genres, incorporate all types of technology and have crossover appeal.

This is evident from what’s out there right now.

Whether it’s a casino game that flips the script at the touch of a button or VR converts, things are more flexible than ever.

This, in turn, has opened up gaming to more people and made it one of the biggest industries in the world.

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