Avatar 2 Passes $1.4 Billion At Worldwide Box Office

Avatar 2 Passes 1-4 Billion At Worldwide Box Office

James Cameron’s Avatar 2 passes the $1.4 billion mark at the worldwide box office, leaving a trail of hope for the fourth and fifth movies. From what Collider points out, Avatar: The Way of Water may just really satisfy Cameron’s condition to pursue the fourth and fifth movies.

However, we don’t have to hold our breath underwater while we wait if the movie does hit the $2 billion mark. We don’t also need to worry if the third instalment will happen.

Even before Avatar 2 arrived in the theatres, Avatar 3 was already in development. Cameron said it would happen regardless as it is already “in the can”.

Still, Cameron has expressed that he is preparing to finish the story in Avatar 3 if Avatar 2 does not reach $2B. In fact, he stated that $2B is what he considers as the breakeven box office performance.

Furthermore, he also stated there is a chance that he will have to pass the torch of directing the fourth and fifth movies should they really push through. Although, it is my speculation that he is just being pessimistic in his forecasts.

As they say, to avoid disappointments, one has to expect the worst. And what is the worst thing that can happen to Avatar 2?

Current box office performance of the movie indicates that the worst may as well be over. Audiences from around the world demonstrated that they are still eager to see the rest of Pandora’s story.

Avatar 2’s Billion Box Office Performance Can Ensure 4 and 5


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Just nearly a month in the theatres, Avatar: The Way Of Water is already more than half of what Cameron pegs as breakeven. $1.4 Billion Box Office is a record that a good number of previous productions from other companies could only hope to achieve.

Avatar 2 is now another record-holding feature film that proves James Cameron is a visionary of a director. Despite some criticisms of the movie’s story, the way the movie presented the world and its people generally impressed and awed everyone in their seats.

The movie scores 77% on the Tomatometer and even got a 92% Audience Score from more than 10K verified ratings. I also believe that there are people coming back to the theatres just to re-watch the film.

Evidently, the domestic box office reflects that the movie is positively hitting, even over-performing statistical forecasts. This only promises additional digits to the current box office record in the following days.

Moreover, it is even likely that the theatrical run will not end anytime soon. Not a lot of movies in recent years have accomplished a run as long as Avatar 2.

Apart from the fantastical world of Pandora, the audience gets to know about new groups of beings native to the planet. Once again, the audience sees beings who are one with their environment.

James Cameron has always said that Avatar is the franchise that allows him to express his advocacies. Paramount in these are those about saving the planet.

Another key element in the story is its focus on family.

Sam Worthington returns as the lead character Jake Sully who now has a family with Zoe Saldaña’s Neytiri. With their children, Neteyam (Jamie Flatters), Lo’ak (Britain Dalton), Tuk (Trinity Jo-Li Bliss), Kiri (Sigourney Weaver) and Spider (Jack Champion), they live peacefully with the Omaticaya clan.

Conflicts emerge as the people from Earth return to inhabit the planet. As it happens, Earth itself is a dying planet.

Avatar 2’s Billion Box Office Anchors Key Story Points

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There is also an issue of discrimination among local folk. which the movie also resolved in the end. Discrimination is one thing that Cameron also wants to address in the movie.

The presence of whom the invaders call Recombinants leads to the progression of the story, which ends with the question about family and sacrifice.

This time Jake Sully, as he is also the Chief of his clan, has responsibilities covering lives not just for himself and his family but of other locals.

In the end, Jake Sully and his people in Pandora still have a lot to do. Above all, they need each other to survive and they need to ensure that the planet is safe for them to thrive.

So, do you think Avatar: The Way of Water will surpass $2 billion at the Box Office? Have you seen the movie yet?

Do you think they will be able to deliver Avatar 4 and 5? Let us know in the comments below.


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