Armie Hammer Says He Would Do A Man From UNCLE 2 In A ‘Heartbeat’

Armie Hammer has revealed that he would do a The Man From UNCLE 2 in what he described as a ‘heartbeat’, and he really needs to do it.

I’ve made no secret about my love of the Guy Ritchie movie, The Man From UNCLE.

The movie was released back in 2015 and I thought it was brilliant.

It was also the movie that really made me want to see Henry Cavill play James Bond.

He and Armie Hammer star in the movie, alongside Alicia Vikander.

It’s a remake of a TV series from the 1960s of the same name, but it had all the sheen for a Guy Ritchie movie.

Say what you want about Ritchie’s work, he knows how to make a good-looking movie.

Armie Hammer wants to make a The Man From UNCLE 2

The Man From UNCLE 2

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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There has been some talk of a sequel, but not as much as there should be.

However, Hammer was chatting to Collider recently, and that was when he revealed he’d love to make a The Mand From UNCLE 2:

I would do another Man from UNCLE in a heartbeat. Like, in a heartbeat. If someone wrote a really good piece of fanfic, I’d narrate it. If someone wrote an extremely good piece of fanfic, I would make sure it got to fuckin’ Guy and Lionel [Wigram, producer] and be like, ‘You guys need to read this, and then give this person co-writing credit, ’cause let’s just get this movie made, let’s just do this.’

Why can’t they just get this film made!?

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill return for a The Man From UNCLE 2?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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