Armie Hammer Has Never Acctually Eaten Human Flesh

When you think about a plain, clean-cut, non-eccentric actor, Armie Hammer fits the bill. First appearing in 2008 in Billy: The Early Years he eventually became a leading star following up with an appearance in The Social Network.

In 2013, he became The Lone Ranger also starring alongside Johnny Depp in the film from Disney. This was a critical and commercial failure. But that didn’t stop the American’s star from rising.

In 2015 he starred opposite Superman, Henry Cavill in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., and followed that up with 2017’s Call Me By Your Name. In 2020 he finished production on the Kenneth Branagh directed and now delayed Death On The Nile, and Rebecca opposite Lily James from Ben Wheatley.

January 2021 became a month of controversy for Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer The Social Network

Credit: Columbia Pictures

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However, as the world entered 2021 Hammer entered a world of controversy. Images from private conversations alleged to be from Hammer were released across social media.

In these messages focused upon sexual fantasies with allusions to cannibalism and explicit textual imagery, which considering Hammer is in the midst of a divorce caused an uproar across Hollywood. As a result, Hammer released a statement via Variety rebutting the ‘leaks’ calling the claims “bullshit”.

He removed himself (or was removed…) from the production of Shotgun Wedding which where he was due to star opposite Jennifer Lopez causing his role to be recast. Lionsgate was reported as supporting this move.

As the messages (that remain unverified) continued to be released, they showed allegedly, Hammer discussing rape fantasies, drinking blood, cutting toes. Variety reports that one of his exes told a tabloid newspaper that he wanted to ‘barbeque and eat her rib’.

Armie Hammer was forced to leave a second project

Call Me By Your Name Review 1

Credit: Sony Pictures Classic

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Hammer was also forced to leave another major project, The Offer, which coming from Paramount was a series to dramatize the making of the Godfather film. Insiders have revealed that the Actor was removed from his roles, and in the case of Shotgun Wedding compensated financially.

Variety goes further in-depth that his team have confirmed that Hammer has had extramarital partners for numerous years, but these were relationships were all consensual and devoid of any abusive behaviour.

Whilst the evidence against Hammer hasn’t been brought towards him in a legal sense and remains unverified, he has made a statement that confirmed content was “stolen from [his] private Instagram account”.

Will Disney React?

armie hammer death on the nile

Credit: Disney

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As this story continues to develop, all eyes are upon Walt Disney Studios who due to their family-friendly image must be keeping an eye on the state of play. As the film has been delayed (Death On The Nile) they can still, if decided, minimalize his marketing presence in materials should the situation turn for the worst.

At the moment, being linked to words such as ‘cannibal’ may completely tarnish his rising career, as a simple Google search will allude the words to his name.

“He has never eaten human flesh, he has never drank blood, he has never cut off a toe” says a source to Variety close to Hammer. Certainly, people are entitled to their private sexual lives and imagination/fetishes, which may allow him in a sense, to rebuild his reputation.

But if allegations of abuse, especially during the powerful #metoo era are proven, the curtains may draw upon what was a promising career.

What do you make of this news? What do you make of this whole Armie Hammer story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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