People Are Trying To Cancel Baby Yoda For Eating Frog Lady’s Eggs In The Mandalorian Season 2

It seems as though people were really upset by the whole gag in The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2 in which Baby Yoda ate some of Frog Lady’s eggs. Many people have now taken to Twitter to try and cancel Baby Yoda because of it! How can you cancel Baby Yoda for eating some eggs? Let’s get into what happened and why people are upset.

So, the whole thing was meant to be a joke. However, some people really ended up being upset by the gag. In the latest episode of The Mandalorian, called The Passenger, saw Baby Yoda eat a few of Lady Frog’s eggs which she was taking with her to a new planet where her husband resides. They are their eggs and the husband needs to fertilize them. It is also explained that these eggs are the last of their line.

I do understand why people might have been upset by the whole thing, yet I also think that people are taking this live-action Star Wars series too seriously, It was meant to be a joke, and it’s not the first time Baby Yoda has eaten stuff. He eats frogs a lot, and even ate a spider right out of its egg in this very episode. That’s what his species live off, and he’s a baby. He doesn’t understand that these eggs are Frog Lady’s children. The thing is, they’re not even fertilized yet. This whole thing is not a good reason to cancel Baby Yoda.

People want to cancel Baby Yoda after seeing him eat eggs in The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 2

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Here’s what some people had to say about the whole Baby Yoda scoffing up Lady Frog’s eggs in the latest episode of The Mandalorian.

“I just wanna know who thought this was a good idea. Like… ‘we have this woman whose species is facing extinction and she’s very protective of these her eggs.’ ‘We should have Baby Yoda eat them.’ ‘Hey yay dude, bro high five’ Like what????” one Twitter user posted.

“Gosh, Baby Yoda is losing the charm,” another person wrote. “I hated him because he ate the eggs of a lady frog and her species. IT’S AN EXTINCTION!!!!”

A third person added: “Baby Yoda not knowing any better…genocide for sake of ‘cute humor’ is never very funny. I mean, I laughed but I felt really guilty about it.”

Another fourth viewer user quoted the Frog Lady herself: “’We fought too hard and suffered too much to resign ourselves to the extinction of our family line,’ Frog Lady said after engineering a translator and standing up to a legendary Mandalorian. ‘But please use these eggs as the butt of your misogynistic joke.’”

I’ve not added direct links to their tweets in this article in order to protect these people from being lambasted online.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that people are right to try and cancel Baby Yoda? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. SavageMind

    Why is it Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin wipe Alderan and nobody wants to cancel them? A kid eats and unfertilized egg and people melt down.

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