Apple Reportedly ‘Uneasy’ About Henry Cavill’s Spy Film


The reason why Henry Cavill’s spy film Argylle seems quiet is because Apple is reportedly “uneasy” about it and doesn’t know how to market it. In recent reports, director Matthew Vaughn has apparently made “funky” choices that may just have come out weird and difficult for Apple’s marketing team to plan how the movie will be promoted.

As a director, Vaughn has given the audience the world of Kingsman, X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and even the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel Stardust. If anything, Vaughn has presented a different take on a story. There is always something distinct that sets his delivery apart from others of the same genre, as in the case of the X-Men franchise.

Are spy movies on the brink of getting another way of being told through Argylle? Many are curious as everyone is still clueless about the plot or overall tone of the upcoming spy movie. IMDb only lists it as an action movie where:

The world’s greatest spy, ‘Argylle,’ gets caught up in a globe-trotting adventure.

There are a lot of things that can go on with that description. With the release date slated for 2023, we are already in the second quarter of that year. Thus, people tend to ask what’s happening. Isn’t there supposed to be at least a promotional or teaser poster or trailer by now?

Henry Cavill’s Spy Film Still Quiet In Promotions And Advertising

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In a recent episode of The Hot Mic with Jeff Sneider and John Rocha, Sneider talked about what he heard about the upcoming movie from Vaughn. He said:

What I’ve heard about Argylle is that there is some “funky” choices in Argylle that Apple is “uneasy” about and they’re not quite sure how to market it. They’re worried that it might be a little bit too smart for its own good.

Which intrigues me as a movie fan, like maybe Matthew Vaughn has really delivered something a bit different and outside-of-the-box here.

Apple has a great marketing team. So if they don’t know how to market it, like there must be something really weird with it.

In an earlier interview for his last film, The King’s Man in Collider, Vaughn’s description of Argylle went as follows:

…it had captured a side to me about those 80s movies. It’s sort of a mixture of Die HardRomancing the StoneLethal Weapon. It’s just fun. If people think Kingsman was fun… this is on a different level where it’s just going…

Initially encountering the unpublished book during lockdown, he experienced a spark of inspiration after reading it. He recalled:

I was sitting in lockdown, seeing how miserable we all were, and I read it and it made me smile. So, I just thought, you know what, let’s make a movie during lockdown because we put it all together really quickly.

Apple Still Working On How To Market Henry Cavill’s Spy Film

Apple Reportedly 'Uneasy' About Henry Cavill's Spy Film

Credit: Apple TV Plus

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However, it seemed that inspiration got the better of him as he further details:

I was going stir crazy, like all of us at home, and I thought, well look, if I can make a movie and it’s, you know, I thought it was a contained film. It’s gone and exploded, and I couldn’t help it.

One element of the movie in development led to another, and then:

The set pieces got bigger and bigger and bigger, and I had zero discipline trying to keep it small. So, it’s now huge. It’s now actually the most expensive movie I’ve made. It’s more expensive than The King’s Man, which is ridiculous.

This also gives a hint that the director has Apple’s support throughout the development and production of the movie. A lot of his creative juices were retained and put to use in the film. Could it be possible that Argylle, though still a spy movie, may also be outlandish in style that the marketing team couldn’t find a common theme to position it for promotion?

Apple definitely has no problem in terms of funding. Henry Cavill’s spy movie, Argylle, will undoubtedly hit the cinemas this year. Bloomberg even released a report that Apple has more than $1B to devote to theatrical projects annually, and Argylle is one of many in its pipeline for 2023.

What do you make of Apple being ‘uneasy’ about Henry Cavill’s spy film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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