Amber Heard PR Guru Has 2 DUI Arrests & Sexual Harassment Claims


The Johnny Depp Amber Heard trial is starting again and there’s been some pretty bad news for Heard’s PR guru.

According to The Daily Mail, Amber Heard’s new PR guru, David Shane has been arrested twice for driving under the influence.

He was arrested in 2010 and 2012.

It was also reported that Shane had to leave previous jobs due to sexual harassment claims.

This is really not a good look for Heard’s new PR and this coming out just as the case is about to get underway again isn’t good for Heard.

The Daily Mail also reports that model Hollie Doker, 32, has claimed that Shane tried to pressure her into having sex.

The two of them met on a dating app called Raya.

After they met, Docker claims that she got him banned from the dating app.

Shane’s lawyer, Rebecca Kaufman, has stated that her client: “Adamantly denies Hollie Doker’s allegation, which dramatically conflicts with Ms. Doker’s original account that she posted over three years ago.”

Kaufman was referring to a post Ms. Doker wrote in a private Facebook group of LA women shortly after the incident in December 2018 .

In the post, Doker wrote: “I met this man on the dating app Raya. He took me out on two dates and then tried to take complete advantage of me in his condo in west Hollywood.”

“He basically insinuated I owed him for the dates he brought me on. When I said no to most of the things he asked me to do, he kicked me out.”

Amber Heard’s PR guru’s time might be up


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But, the list of allegations against Shane continues.

He also allegedly paid ‘provocatively’ dressed women to attend a tech company event.

It’s being reported that David Shane is known as ‘Hurricane Shane’ and ‘the walking #MeToo case of the PR world’ by industry insiders.

Shane’s former colleagues have told The Daily Mail that Shane was allegedly investigated by HR departments at both Hewlett-Packard and Juniper, where he worked as VP of communications.

The two colleagues claim that both of these investigations involved claims of sexual harassment.

Shane ended up leaving both companies after the HR investigations were concluded.

Shane’s lawyer has denied the allegations made against her client

Shane’s lawyer, Rebecca Kaufman, denied the allegations in a statement to The Post.

“David Shane adamantly denies Hollie Doker’s allegation, which dramatically conflicts with Ms. Doker’s original account that she posted over three years ago,” Kaufman told The Post.

“Moreover, Mr. Shane never acted inappropriately with a New York Post reporter, via telephone or in the courtroom. He looks forward to clearing his name by sharing screen shots of his full text exchange with the reporter, who was hoping to get an exclusive interview with Mr. Shane’s client Amber Heard.”

Kaufman then referred to the ongoing legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, stating: “It’s easy to get distracted by anonymous, false accusations, but the focus should be on the merits of the defamation case pending in Fairfax County, Virginia and the relevant facts presented at trial.”

It’s going to be really interesting to see what Amber Heard decides to do with her new head of PR?

What do you make of this news?

Are you paying close attention to the Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial?

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