Amber Heard Is Hiding In A Tiny Spanish Town


Amber Heard is in hiding! It’s been revealed that the Aquaman star (and Johnny Depp’s ex-wife), is currently hiding in a small Spanish town and is using a pseudonym that some people think is pretty funny and, actually, kind of genius. I am one of those people. According to the Spanish newspaper, El Mundo, Heard is currently hiding out in a rental in a small town on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The newspaper didn’t actually reveal which town she’s currently hiding out in. However, what they did say was that the town (I think it might actually be a village) has no more than 2,000 residents. So, it’s a pretty small place. El Mundo has also reported that the house she’s renting is a mansion recently listed for 2.8 million Euros. However, the house was taken off the market when she moved in. El Mundo then went on to reveal that the name listed on the house until recently was Martha Jane Cannary.

Amber Heard is currently in hiding in a mansion in Mallorca, Spain


Credit: AP

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So, the reason why I think this pseudonym is pretty funny is due to the fact that it’s actually the real name of the Wild West legend Calamity Jane. Calamity Jane was a frontierswoman and gun expert. She was close to Wild Bill Hickok, and after a long career gun slinging and getting up to wild adventures, she eventually toured with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show and made appearances around the country.

She was pretty well known for doing things her way and not taking nonsense from anybody, even though others gossiped about her constantly. We still don’t really know whether Calamity Jane was a hero or villain. There are so many conflicting reports about her. Some reports say she was a drunk, others claim that she was a saint and always told the truth. Others claim that all she ever did was lie about everything and anything.

Looks like she just wants a quiet life


Credit: Lionsgate

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According to the Spanish newspaper’s report, before Amber Heard rented the property, it was previously owned by a politician who was recently released from prison. The report also claims that Heard has been getting on very well with the locals, and apparently, she speaks Spanish with a Mexican accident and takes her child to the nursery just like any other mother does in the area.

The locals have been pestered by journalists ever since it was revealed that the Hollywood movie star had recently moved in. However, they haven’t revealed much about her and have said that they wish to respect her privacy. They have only shared positive stories about Heard saying that she’s been interacting with the other parents, being overall very friendly, shopping at the local markets and taking her daughter to play in the park.

Heard seems to be looking for a quiet life after the whole Johnny Depp defamation case ordeal. Amber Heard will be seen next in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, in which she’ll be reprising her role as Mera, which she played in the first Aquaman movie.

Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom was recently delayed and is now scheduled to be released on Christmas Day 2023 in the United States.

What do you make of this news? Are you surprised that Amber Heard is hiding in a small Spanish town? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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