All The Wildest Fan Theories About The Line Of Duty Finale

Line Of Duty Season 6 Episode 5

The excitement was almost tangible, exacerbated only by many, many lockdown restrictions we have had to live under for over a year. Line Of Duty was back and better than ever before – and for a sixth series, too. On our screens for almost a decade, we have been captivated by the long form investigations into corrupt police officers – by the police. Let’s check out the best Line Of Duty finale fan theories.

This Sunday will see the seventh episode of series six air at long last. We have an extra episode this series – and there may be a likelihood that this will be longer than sixty minutes, in line with tradition, although this is not confirmed.

Here at Small Screen, we have looked at the wildest theories – and the finale trailer – to try predict what the episode will contain. Warning – there are spoilers beyond this point from series six. If you have not watched the other prior six episodes, go back and watch as soon as possible.

Hastings Will Die – Or A Long Term Character Will


Credit: BBC

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There has been a lot of speculation about this, with various theories suggesting that a long term character connected to the show will die in a tragic circumstance. Could it be Hastings (Adrian Dunbar), Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), or even Jo Davidson (Kelly MacDonald)?

Hastings has made several emotional statements in the form of outbursts – such as saying to Arnott that sometimes people lose instead of winning. A promotional photo showed Arnott with a gunshot superimposed over him. And the trailer shows a van tumbling – like in a previous episode – with Davidson in transit, with a corrupt prison guard.

Steph Is H

It’s random that John Corbett’s widow from the previous series has showed up, seemingly in receipt of bribe money from Hastings – and some internet sleuths have suggested the ‘H’ tile pattern in her kitchen point to her being ‘the fourth man’.

Or Is It Carmichael?

Line Of Duty

Credit: BBC One

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Like a bad penny, Patricia Carmichael was back – and the internet had a lot of fun, especially in the form of memes. The passive-aggressive energy was supreme – especially when it came to undermining leadership, insisting there was no corruption within the force, and taking down the photo of the chief from the main suspect’s board.

One of the main theories suggests Carmichael is H, as she tapped a pen on a desk ostensibly four times. (H in the code is four tapes.) But listen closely and this may be a red herring, as the beats of the tap seem not to match up.

Hastings Is H

There have been so many questions raised about the role of Superintendent Ted Hastings, as played by Adrian Dunbar. The character has been accused of being ‘H’ – a group of four corrupt officers who command a clandestine network of corrupt contacts – on several different occasions throughout all the different series’. Whether Hastings is or is not H remains to be seen, though.

James Nesbitt Is Not Dead

Line Of Duty James Nesbitt Fan Theories

Credit: BBC One

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Surprise everyone, something of an A list-er was added to the line up of Line Of Duty – for the grand total of maybe one minute, one minute and thirty seconds. Nesbitt plays Marcus Thurwell, a police officer involved with Sandsview, a home for boys where child sexual abuse was centred. Thurwell’s role and disappearance was never really explained – but communications with H, traced to Spain, matched his location. A raid by Spanish police found his body.

Or… is he not dead? A fan seems to think he was the one performing a simulation of the raid, thanks to a screengrab showing eyebrows they seem to think matches, Nesbitt.

… And Is H

If Marcus Thurwell (played by James Nesbitt) is not dead, then that raises some serious questions as to what the Hell happened. The dodgy ‘H’ computer suggests that the other user – presumably ‘H’ – is in Spain, which is where Thurwell seems to have disappeared to. Complete with a potentially cushy pay-off, too. It would also (potentially) allow Thurwell to avoid arrest because of the border, too.

Could Turwell be H? Who knows?

Or Is It The Chief?


Credit: BBC

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We know that the chief is corrupt – here is a refresher if you need it. ‘H’ would want to see the back of AC-12, which he has managed to create with the units becoming amalgamated. He also insists no corruption is within the force – despite his very obviously corrupt actions. No prosecution was ever brought, however.

Kate Takes The Helm

Kate Fleming has been with the cast since the very first pilot episode and is known for being something of a good egg. She also is trained with firearms and has been responsible for some of the most kickass action. (Look at the chase scene with Dot Cotton – and tell me that is not impressive.)

The finale trailer seems to see her take the helm of an armed operation, but there was a small reference to the line of leadership in the last episode. It would make a fitting end for Kate Fleming to take over AC-12 if Ted Hastings is really corrupt.

Or Is She ‘H’?


Credit: BBC One

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Call it controversial, but one theory seems to suggest that Kate Fleming is ‘H’. A lot of the various trailers seem to suggest H is a man – or a woman, a prospect not really analysed before. Plus, her behaviour has also been super dodgy.

Could This Be The Final Ever Episode Of Line Of Duty?

We don’t know if, officially, this is the last episode ever of Line Of Duty. Martin Compston seems to think we will have some answers – but a quote seems to have been mistranscribed. Could this be the last ever episode?

Series six is said to wrap up some major answers we have always wanted – but not a lot has happened about the murder of controversial journalist Gail Vella. This seems almost exactly like what happened to Jill Dando, though, suggesting the murder will still remain unsolved.

Note: behind the scenes footage has been leaked from the upcoming episode on Reddit – and is said to show major spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Line Of Duty returns on Sunday 2nd May at 9pm.


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