Alien TV Series Creator Discusses Ridley Scott’s Influence On The Series


The highly anticipated Alien TV Series, helmed by Noah Hawley, is set to bring a new dimension to the iconic universe first introduced by Ridley Scott. In a recent interview with The Playlist, Hawley delved into the profound impact Scott’s original vision has had on the upcoming series, promising a fresh yet faithful continuation of the Alien legacy.

Hawley, known for his critically acclaimed work on Fargo, has expressed his intent to explore deeper themes within the Alien universe. The series aims to be more than just a sci-fi thriller; it’s an exploration of humanity’s complexities, drawing inspiration from Scott’s original masterpiece.

Ridley Scott’s Enduring Legacy


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Here’s what Hawley had to say about this upcoming Alien series and his meeting with Sir Ridley Scott:

The thing with Alien is that it’s not just a great monster movie; it’s the story of humanity trapped between its primordial, parasitic past and the A.I. future, and they’re both trying to kill us, so there’s nowhere to go. So it’s really a story of: does humanity deserve to survive? Does humanity’s arrogance in thinking that we’re no longer food, and its arrogance in creating these A.I. beings who we think will do what we tell them, but ultimately might lose their minds- is there a way out?

Ridley and I have talked about this and many elements of the show, but I think for me, this perfect lifeform, as it was described in the first film, is the product of millions of years of evolution that created this creature that may have existed for a million years out there in space, and the idea that it was a bio-weapon created half an hour ago is inherently less useful to me. In terms of the mythology and what’s scary about this monster.

“There’s something about that doesn’t compute for me,” Hawley added about the style Scott used in the more recent Alien films like Prometheus. “I prefer the retrofuturism of the first two films, and so that’s the choice that I’ve made to embrace that. There are no holograms; the convenience of beautiful Apple store technology is not available to me.”

A Visionary’s Influence

Ridley Scott’s Alien has long been celebrated for its groundbreaking approach to science fiction and horror. Hawley acknowledges Scott’s influence, noting how the original film’s blend of horror, suspense, and character-driven narrative has shaped his approach to the TV series.

Honouring the Original

While aiming to bring new elements to the Alien universe, Hawley emphasises the importance of staying true to the spirit of Scott’s vision. The series will maintain the atmospheric tension and thematic depth that made Alien a cinematic landmark.

Noah Hawley’s Creative Direction


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Expanding the Narrative

Under Hawley’s direction, the Alien TV Series is set to expand the narrative boundaries of the Alien universe. Hawley plans to delve into unexplored aspects of the story, offering a broader perspective on the world Ridley Scott created.

A Focus on Humanity

Central to Hawley’s vision is a focus on humanity – its virtues and vices. The series will explore the moral and ethical dilemmas faced by its characters, set against the backdrop of the relentless threat posed by the alien creatures. This thematic depth is a nod to Scott’s original film, which was as much a psychological exploration as it was a horror story.

Final Thoughts on this new Alien TV series


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The upcoming Alien TV Series, guided by Noah Hawley and inspired by Ridley Scott’s seminal work, stands at the precipice of becoming a new beacon in the realm of science fiction television. Hawley’s approach, deeply influenced by Scott’s original vision, promises to retain the essence of the Alien franchise while injecting fresh perspectives and deeper thematic explorations.

Hawley’s commitment to exploring the human condition against the backdrop of an extraterrestrial threat is a tribute to the legacy of Alien. The series is expected to delve into the complexities of human nature, morality, and survival, themes that have been central to the franchise since its inception. This exploration is not just a continuation of Scott’s vision but an expansion, promising to add new layers to the already rich tapestry of the Alien universe.

Moreover, the Alien TV Series is set to redefine the boundaries of what can be achieved in the science fiction genre on television. With Hawley at the helm, the series is anticipated to push the limits of storytelling, character development, and visual effects, offering an immersive experience that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally resonant.

In conclusion, the Alien TV Series represents a confluence of past and future, where Ridley Scott’s groundbreaking vision meets Noah Hawley’s innovative storytelling. As the series prepares to make its mark, it holds the promise of not only honouring the legacy of the original films but also charting new territory in the science fiction genre. For fans and newcomers alike, the series is poised to be a captivating journey into the unknown, where the depths of space mirror the depths of human experience.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this new Alien TV series when it’s finally released? We’d love to hear from you.

You’ll be able to stream this show in 2025 on Hulu in the United States and Disney Plus in other territories.