The Sci-Fi Thriller Series That’s One Of Netflix’s Most-Watched Shows


Netflix’s roster of captivating shows has a new standout: Manifest. This sci-fi thriller series has quickly become one of the streaming giant’s most-watched shows, drawing in viewers with its intriguing plot and compelling characters. Manifest blends elements of mystery, drama, and science fiction, creating a unique viewing experience that keeps audiences hooked.

The series, which originally aired on NBC, has found a new life on Netflix, where it has soared in popularity. Manifest revolves around the passengers of Flight 828, who experience a mysterious time jump and face a series of enigmatic events upon their return. The show’s blend of suspense and supernatural elements has made it a hit among sci-fi thriller enthusiasts.

The Story and Cast Of Manifest


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A Unique Sci-Fi Narrative

Manifest offers a fresh take on the sci-fi thriller genre. The series begins with Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York, which mysteriously arrives five and a half years after its departure. The passengers, presumed dead, must adjust to a world that has moved on without them. Additionally, they start experiencing visions and hearing voices, adding layers of mystery and intrigue to the plot.

Stellar Performances

The cast of Manifest includes Melissa Roxburgh as NYPD detective Mick Stone and Josh Dallas as her brother Ben, a college professor. Their performances, along with those of other cast members, have been pivotal in bringing the complex narrative to life. The show’s success is partly attributed to the strong on-screen chemistry and the depth of the characters portrayed.

Manifest’s Journey


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From NBC to Netflix

Manifest first aired on NBC in 2018, where it enjoyed a successful run for three seasons. Despite its initial popularity, NBC cancelled the series, leaving its story unfinished. However, Netflix stepped in and revived Manifest, not only continuing the series but also expanding it with a double-sized fourth season, allowing the show to conclude properly in 2023.

A Resounding Success on Netflix

Upon its release on Netflix, Manifest received mixed reviews from critics but was a hit with audiences. It quickly climbed to the top of Netflix’s rankings, staying at No. 1 for 19 days and spending a total of 71 days in the streamer’s Top 10. This success highlights the show’s appeal and Netflix’s ability to give new life to series with untapped potential.

Final Thoughts on this hit sci-fi thriller series on Netflix

manifest sci-fi thriller series netflix

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The Lasting Appeal of Manifest

Manifest has proven to be more than just a sci-fi thriller; it’s a series that resonates with viewers on multiple levels. Its intricate plot, combined with strong character development and suspenseful storytelling, has cemented its place as one of Netflix’s most-watched shows. The series has not only entertained but also sparked conversations about fate, time, and the unexplained. Its ability to blend real-life drama with supernatural elements has struck a chord with a diverse audience, making it a standout series in the crowded streaming landscape.

Reflecting on the Series’ Themes and Impact

The themes explored in Manifest—such as the nature of destiny, the complexity of human relationships, and the mystery of unexplained phenomena—have contributed to its widespread appeal. The show’s exploration of these themes through the lens of a sci-fi thriller has provided viewers with a thought-provoking and emotionally engaging experience. As the series concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of storytelling that challenges and entertains in equal measure.

A Benchmark for Sci-Fi Thrillers

As Manifest continues to captivate a global audience, it sets a benchmark for what a sci-fi thriller series can achieve. Its journey from network television to becoming a streaming sensation on Netflix is a testament to the show’s quality and the evolving landscape of television. For fans of the genre, Manifest is a must-watch, offering a unique blend of mystery, drama, and science fiction. The series’ success on Netflix demonstrates the platform’s ability to resurrect and elevate shows, giving them a new lease of life and a wider audience.

The Future of Sci-Fi Thrillers on Streaming Platforms

The success of Manifest on Netflix also highlights the growing importance of streaming platforms in shaping the future of television series, particularly in the sci-fi thriller genre. As viewers continue to seek out engaging and original content, shows like Manifest pave the way for future series to push the boundaries of storytelling. The series’ impact on both the genre and the streaming world will likely be felt for years to come, inspiring future creators and delighting audiences with new and innovative narratives.

What do you make of this news? Are you a fan of the sci-fi thriller, Manifest, which is now available to stream on Netflix? We’d love to hear from you.

You can stream all seasons of Manifest on Netflix right now.