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Alien TV Series Boss Explains How The Show Will Connect To The Franchise


The Alien franchise, a cornerstone of the science fiction genre, is set to expand its universe with an upcoming Alien TV series. Fans of the iconic series have long awaited a detailed exploration of its rich and terrifying world on the small screen. The showrunner, Noah Hawley, recently shed light on how this new venture will channel the spirit of the original Alien films. This development marks a significant moment for the franchise, which has predominantly been a cinematic experience, with each film adding to the lore of this dark and suspenseful universe.

The Alien TV series, expected to premiere in 2025 on FX, promises to delve deeper into the themes and ideas that have made the franchise a cult phenomenon. Hawley’s vision for the series aims to capture the essence of the Alien universe while presenting a fresh narrative approach. This balance between honouring the original material and introducing new elements is a thrilling prospect for both long-time fans and newcomers to the series.

Noah Hawley’s Approach to the Alien Universe


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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Capturing the Tone of the Franchise

Hawley’s primary goal with the Alien TV series is to replicate the emotional impact and tone of the original films. He acknowledges the unique aesthetic and atmosphere of the Alien franchise, distinct from other science fiction brands like Star Trek and Star Wars. Hawley aims to evoke similar feelings of dread, discovery, and existential contemplation that were hallmarks of the original movies.

A Different Yet Familiar Story

While the new Alien series will not directly replicate plot points from the movies, it seeks to evoke the same emotional reactions. Hawley’s approach is to create a narrative that feels familiar in its themes and tone but tells a completely different story. This method mirrors his successful strategy with the critically acclaimed series Fargo, which, while adjacent to the Coen Brothers’ film, carved its own path.

The Alien TV Series Concept


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Exploring New Themes

The Alien TV series will explore new themes within the established universe, focusing on existential and blue-collar aspects of the story. Hawley views the original Alien film as an existential journey, a perspective he intends to expand upon in the series. This approach promises a deeper exploration of the human condition against the backdrop of space and the unknown.

Emotional Resonance and Character Development

The series aims to build powerful emotional moments that resonate with the audience, similar to the impactful scenes in the original films. Character development and interpersonal dynamics will play a significant role, offering a more intimate look at the lives affected by the events in the Alien universe.

The Legacy of the Alien Franchise


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A Cult Phenomenon

The Alien franchise has been a cult phenomenon since the release of the first film in 1979. Its blend of horror, science fiction, and action, along with the iconic design of the Xenomorph, has captivated audiences for decades. The franchise’s expansion into a TV series is a testament to its enduring appeal and rich storytelling potential.

Building on a Rich Mythos

The new Alien series has the opportunity to build on the rich mythos of the franchise. It can explore untold stories, expand on the universe’s lore, and introduce new characters and scenarios that fit within the established world.

Final Thoughts on this upcoming Alien TV series


Credit: 20th Century Studios

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A New Chapter for Alien Fans

The upcoming Alien TV series represents a new chapter for fans of the franchise. With Noah Hawley at the helm, the series is poised to offer a fresh yet faithful addition to the Alien saga. The anticipation for how the series will connect to and expand the franchise is high, promising a thrilling and thought-provoking experience.

The Future of the Alien Universe

As the Alien TV series prepares for its 2025 release, it stands as a beacon of excitement for the future of the franchise. With a focus on emotional depth, character-driven narratives, and the existential themes that define Alien, the series is set to be a significant addition to the science fiction genre.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching this new Alien TV show on Hulu?

The new Noah Hawley Alien TV show is coming to Hulu in the United States and Disney Plus STAR in other territories.