Aquaman 2 Beats The Flash And Black Adam At The Box Office


In a remarkable feat of cinematic success, Aquaman 2 (Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom) has eclipsed its DC Studios counterparts, The Flash and Black Adam, in global box office earnings. This sequel to the 2018 hit has garnered a staggering $375,103,347 worldwide, showcasing the enduring appeal of the Aquaman saga and the creative prowess of DC Studios.

The film, subtitled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, has captivated audiences with its unique blend of action, adventure, fantasy, and sci-fi elements. Its success is a testament to the character’s popularity and DC Studios’ ability to deliver compelling and visually stunning superhero narratives.

Box Office Breakdown


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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A Strong Domestic Performance

Domestically, Aquaman 2 has earned an impressive $109,603,347, accounting for 29.2% of its total earnings. The film’s domestic opening was marked by a substantial $27,686,211, indicating a strong audience interest from the outset.

International Appeal

Internationally, the film has been even more successful, amassing $265,500,000, which is 70.8% of its total earnings. This international success underscores the global appeal of the Aquaman character and the universal resonance of its story.

Comparative Analysis Of Aquaman 2’s box office


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Outshining The Competition

In comparison to other recent DC Studios releases, Aquaman 2 has demonstrated superior box office performance. Both The Flash and Black Adam have been outperformed, highlighting the unique appeal of the Aquaman franchise within the DC universe.

Market Dynamics

The film’s success is particularly noteworthy given the competitive nature of the superhero film market. Its ability to stand out amidst a crowded field speaks volumes about the quality of the film and its appeal to a broad audience.

Final Thoughts on Aquaman 2’s box office takings


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The remarkable box office success of Aquaman 2 is not just a financial triumph; it represents a significant milestone in the evolution of superhero cinema. With a global earning of $375,103,347, the film has not only surpassed its contemporaries like The Flash and Black Adam but has also reinforced the potential of superhero narratives to resonate with a diverse, global audience.

This achievement speaks volumes about the changing dynamics of the film industry, where character-driven stories, coupled with innovative visual effects, are increasingly capturing the imagination of audiences worldwide. The success of Aquaman 2 is a testament to DC Studios’ commitment to quality and their understanding of what modern viewers seek in a superhero film – a blend of escapism, relatable characters, and a storyline that balances action with depth.

Moreover, the film’s performance is a beacon of hope for the future of the superhero genre. In an era where cinema is competing with various forms of digital entertainment, the success of Aquaman 2 demonstrates the enduring appeal of the big-screen experience. It shows that audiences are still willing to flock to theatres for films that promise not just entertainment but an immersive experience.

Furthermore, the international success of Aquaman 2 underscores the universal appeal of superhero stories. It highlights how these narratives can transcend cultural and geographical boundaries, bringing together diverse audiences in their shared love for heroism and adventure. This global appeal is crucial in an increasingly interconnected world, where the impact of a film is measured not just by its domestic performance but its worldwide resonance.

In conclusion, the success of Aquaman 2 is a significant achievement for DC Studios and the superhero genre as a whole. It sets a new benchmark for what superhero films can aspire to be – not just in terms of box office numbers, but in crafting stories that are engaging, visually spectacular, and universally appealing. As Aquaman 2 continues to captivate audiences around the world, it stands as a shining example of the power of cinema to entertain, inspire, and unite people across the globe.

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You’ll be able to stream Aquaman 2 on Max at some point in 2024. We still don’t know when exactly.