Aladdin Star Addresses Ezra Bridger Casting Rumours

Aladdin star, Mena Massoud has opened up on those casting rumours claiming that he’s been cast as Ezra Bridger in a future Star Wars series.

There have been rumours for quite some time that Mena had been cast as Bridger in a future live-action series.

I thought he was an excellent choice for the role, however, these were just rumours.

Nothing had been confirmed, and Massoud recently opened up on the casting rumours during a recent interview with Screen Rant.

Check out what he had to say on the matter below.

Aladdin’s Mena Massoud has opened up on those Ezra Bridger casting rumours

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Here’s what Mena had to say:

Yeah. Just manifesting, just manifesting, trying different things. Yeah, there’s not much more I can say about that, but, you know, I had heard murmurings that this role was coming up and this is becoming a real thing. So I just kinda wanted to throw my name in the ring and, yeah, just part of manifesting what you want. I think we live in an age now that’s so different than ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s, Hollywood, where there was no social media. It was really just your representatives, putting things out there for you. But now, we have the ability to put things out there for ourselves because of social media and because we can put things out there. So yeah, I just wanted to put it out there, I guess.

It would be a dream come true. Obviously, I’ve already had one of my dreams come true with Aladdin, but I also think I could just really do it justice. I’ve worked on that kind of big, massive set before on Aladdin. I think I have that under my belt now and thankfully the film did really well, so I think I’ve proven that I can be successful in that environment. I think it would just be a great opportunity to take everything that I learned on a set like Aladdin and implement it into the Star Wars or DC or Marvel universe. We’re talking about manifesting, so yeah, it would mean a lot, it would mean a lot. I think I would also do a solid job and work really hard. I like what they’re doing with that world and how they’re expanding the universe.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing Ezra Bridger in live-action in a future Star Wars series?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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