7 New Shows About Student Life That Just Get It Right


Do you miss your student years and feel nostalgic about them? Or vice versa – do you want to look at characters who are in your shoes now? Well, you are at the right place. In this article, we have collected seven new series which are quite engaging to watch and that get student life right. Here, the students not only learn and fall in love but also solve mysteries, discover unique abilities and save their world from falling apart, both literally and figuratively. Read the descriptions below to choose what interests you the most!

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Ginny and Georgia (Netflix)


Credit: Netflix

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It’s impossible to be indifferent to the charismatic Georgia Miller since she is simply charming! Interestingly, she’s only 30 and already has a 15-year-old daughter, Ginny, and a younger son, Austin. However, here’s what else you should know about her: Georgia is used to moving every time something goes wrong. Thus, viewers witness how Georgia and her kids come to an idyllic wealthy suburb in Massachusetts and start everything from scratch.

Indeed, the daughter isn’t excited about a new chapter. She will have to begin all over again: make friends, cope with social pressure and deal with typical teenage problems. As for Georgia, she encounters secrets from the past and tries to fit into a utopian place where she needs to be the perfect mom.

Stranger Things (Netflix)


Credit: Netflix

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Everyone has probably heard about this series, and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s time to fix it!

The action begins in a small provincial town in the 1980s. Local reality is rather dull, but peaceful life ends when the teenager Will goes missing. When the sheriff starts an investigation, Will’s friends help him, but they have no idea what the future has in store for them!

This series really has everything: a laboratory where experiments are carried out on children with superpowers, secret government projects, monsters from the other side, as well as parallel dimensions. Add here nostalgia for the eighties and references to the pop culture of that time. Thus, the characters play Dungeons & Dragons and watch Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

We guarantee that you will fall in love not only with the soundtrack and the great atmosphere but also with the characters! During four incredible seasons, you will get simply attached to them.

Locke & Key (Netflix)


Credit: Netflix

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In our childhood years, many of us dreamed of getting inside a mansion full of secrets and ghosts. And if this desire is still in your heart, watch this TV show. The series is perfect for a dorm sleepover, so give yourself a night off and stock up on popcorn! But first, let us tell you about the plot.

After their father’s death, his three children move to the family estate. According to the classics of the genre, the characters not only see and hear strange things but also find something extraordinary, which is old-fashioned keys. Each of them endows the owner with superpowers. And, of course, many want to get access to these artefacts, so the heroes will have to deal with the underworld as well.

Fate: The Winx Saga (Netflix)


Credit: Netflix

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If you have already memorized all the lines from Harry Potter and are bored when watching films about ordinary teenagers, then “Fate” is definitely for you. Choose it for a movie party, and you will quickly switch from everyday routine and problems, getting into the world of magic for a while.

Students come to Alfea Magic College to develop their hidden potential and learn martial arts. The plot centres on five students who become roommates: Bloom, Stella, Musa, Aisha, and Terra. When an ancient, long-defeated evil suddenly appears outside the school walls, five fairies are forced to fight against a powerful enemy.

Normal People (Amazon Prime Video)


Credit: Amazon Prime Video

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High school student Connel is one of the most popular guys. He’s the local football team star, and friends simply adore him. At the same time, Marianne is a quiet and shy girl who spends more time at home reading books. They also come from different social circles, as Connel’s mother works as a housekeeper for Marianne’s rich parents.

One day, teenagers who don’t have a lot in common start socializing. Basically, the entire series focuses on their relationship. Fate gives them a lot of chances to be together, but will they be able to use them? By the way, you can start by reading Sally Rooney’s book and then watch the film adaptation. Many even say that the book impressed them more than the series.

Looking for Alaska (Hulu)


Credit: Hulu

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Another series is a screen version of the book. Sixteen-year-old Miles collects deathbed sayings of famous people. Following the last words of François Rabelais, he decides to get out of his comfort zone and goes to study at the new school, seeking the Great Perhaps.

There, he meets friends and falls in love with the mysterious Alaska Young, who turns his life upside down. Surely, Miles will never be the same, so watch the series to see the character transform.

Cruel Summer (Hulu)


Credit: Hulu

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It seems that the times when society was divided into classes are left behind. However, there is still a certain hierarchy in schools: popular cliques and gray mice, geniuses and athletes, rebels and weirdos.

The action takes place in 1993. Two girls live in a small Texas town. And even though they go to the same school, they seem to live in completely different realities. Kate is beautiful and charming; people literally adore her. At the same time, Jeanette is introverted and quiet, and her classmates hardly remember her name.

At one point, Kate goes missing, and Jeanette takes her place and turns into a local star. Are these events related? You will get all the answers gradually, and that is why the series keeps you in suspense until the last second.


We live in a crazy world, don’t you agree? Each of us has a lot of responsibilities: from school assignments and internships to extracurricular activities and household chores. And perhaps the best way to take a break from the endless stream of routine is to dissolve into another world. No matter what you are missing – paranormal, magic, mysteries, or investigations – you will find them all in our selection!


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