5 Email Marketing Tips That Drive Results


With all the clients’ acquisition channels present on the market it could be erroneously assumed, that email marketing is no longer a top dog for the marketing campaign. The number of channels for reaching the audience has indeed increased. However, emails still have an impressive potential to generate leads, appreciate loyal clients, and, in general, maximize your marketing strategy. Here are 5 working ideas for your emails to support your business and expand your reach.  

Subject-line that stands out for email marketing

As reported by Statista 347 billion emails will be sent daily by 2023. In 2019 the number of emails sent was 293 billion. Why are these numbers here? They are here for you to avoid sending emails that will not be opened, but ignored, or spammed. There must be something catchy about the letter you send. The first thing that attracts attention – subject line, personalized with some sort of intrigue hint in it. When noticing an email from you, your addressee must feel as if it is solely created for him/her. Agree that, “ Allan, do not miss  50% off on winter collection” attracts more than “ Winter sale, 50%”.  Sometimes, being wordy has a beneficial effect. 

Enhance with video

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When you add videos to your email you raise your chances to enhance click rates by almost 300%. Video marketing is a mighty business strategy ( 80% of businesses trust in the power of it ). Videos added to emails compile a perfect powerful combo for the message to be delivered and the desired effect achieved. you do not even need to be a professional video creator and video editor. You may turn to apps that allow you to elevate your visual representation to a quite decent level. For example, consider using a youtube intro maker full of various templates to make your videos lively and warmly perceived. Make it short, up to the point, with some humour ( if the case permits).

Simplicity in content

Content sent plays a crucial part in how your audience will react to it. To know what to send you to have to know your audience, of course, and optimize the information specifically to your target segment preferences. However, there is something commonly appreciated – simplicity in the structure of the letter and no overload with words. It should be precise, clear, short, and effectively communicate the purpose, further provoking the intended action. 

Recognizable design

Recognizable means that the design of your email transmits the elements of the design of your brand. Use free letterhead templates to make your email eye-catching. Colours, frames, fonts that your brand is wrapped in should be there. Even if yellow is not so much a colour for the Christmas sale, still find a way to incorporate it in. Make sure your logo is in the email, and the CTA button does not just say “buy”, or “order”,  but is implying more motivation and some motion added. See what fits best for your audience and how you may achieve that. Whether it should be designed via the means of professional help, or maybe the design apps will have your back without extra bucks spent. 

Correct segmentation lists

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It does sound like an obvious thing. Though, sometimes due to the hectic pace of matters tackled segmentation might get overlooked. The emails you send are different, addresses-wise. You have to compose letters to generate leads, to motivate those in the consideration phase of their buying journey, and, of course, appreciate your regular clients. Let’s say your clients-to-be should not get an email about discounts on extra cups for your thermoses, let them first try the thermos, at the beginning. Distribute the information to the right people. They must know you care exactly about them. And what you send in the email distinctly shows them the attitude and whether you are worthy to deal with ( or to continue dealing with).


Creating an email that has to drive sales and increase ROIs is not a difficult art to master. A devoted approach to constant research and testing will have this strategy to boost conversions and let your brand acquire more awareness. There are proven methods that effectively help your letters to be opened, read, and your client base to expand. Just be diligent enough when using them. 


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