Zack Snyder Wanted Brainiac In Man Of Steel Sequel


Zack Snyder has revealed that he really wanted to try and get Brainiac into a Man Of Steel sequel which would have been brilliant.

Snyder revealed in a new interview that he would have loved to see Brainiac in a Man Of Steel sequel.

The villain was originally heavily rumoured to be in the project before Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was green lit.

During the interview, Snyder revealed that they were talking about a Man Of Steel 2 and he wanted Brainiac to be in it.

Here’s what Zack Snyder had to say in the recent interview:

We talked about a Brainiac movie. But, I do think that the Kryptonians that are in the Phantom Zone are probably still around, and there was possibility for their return.

Zack Snyder wanted to get Brainiac into a Man Of Steel sequel

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Man Of Steel’s sequel, or Man Of Steel 2, was in the works for quite some time.

Both Matthew Vaughn and Christopher McQuarrie were circling the project.

However, in the end, it didn’t happen, which is such a shame because Henry Cavill could have used a Man Of Steel sequel.

I also think the fans would have really loved to have seen another Superman solo movie.

Brainiac would have been the perfect villain for this sequel.

Hopefully, one day we will get to see Brainiac turn up in the DC Comics movies.

What do you make of this news?

Would you have liked to have seen Brainiac in a Man Of Steel sequel?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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