Wonder Woman 3 Rumoured To Return To Themyscira And Will Be A More Serious Movie

It’s now being rumoured that Wonder Woman 3 will see Diana Prince return to Themyscira and it’ll be a much more serious movie. This rumour comes from Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity, and he’s got an excellent track-record as far as his scoops are concerned.

It was revealed a few days ago that Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are going to be returning to make Wonder Woman 3. This news came after it was revealed that Wonder Woman 1984 was ‘certified fresh’ over at Rotten Tomatoes. However, a short while later, the movie lost that rating, and it looks like DC Comics and DCEU fans aren’t enamoured with Jenkins’ second Wonder Woman film.

Regardless, she is now attached to the film, and there are rumours that her third Wonder Woman movie will see Diana Prince return to her homeland of Themyscira. It’s also said by Sutton that the third film will much more serious than Wonder Woman 1984.

Wonder Woman 3 will see Diana Prince return to Themyscira and the movie will be more serious

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Here’s what Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity had to say about Wonder Woman 3 returning to Themyscira and being a more serious movie than Wonder Woman 1984:

The third Wonder Woman movie will apparently have the franchise go full circle as the Amazon princess returns to her native island of Themyscira. With Patty Jenkins back as director, the movie will apparently be closer in tone to the 2017 initial film, according to insiders.

He then went on to add:

I am told by sources that the shift has nothing to do with the mixed reception to 1984 (for the record, I gave it a positive review) but because of the time and contemporary setting. I heard that the movie will mostly take place on Themyscira with the sorceress Circe as the main villain.

What do you make of this rumour? Do you like the idea of seeing Diana Prince return to Themyscira in Wonder Woman 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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