Wonder Woman 1984’s Box Office Update – How Well Is The Film Doing?

As we enter the final day of the box office opening window for Wonder Woman 1984, we can gauge just how well it’s done so far in international markets. The news we first broke of Wonder Woman 1984 having a PVOD release just 28 days after it’s release within the UK was confirmed by Warner Bros. Pictures yesterday.

Wonder Woman 1984 says Bye To Sky


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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However, since our report, it seems Warner Bros. Pictures were unable to create a deal with SKYTV as originally planned and it will now be offered via alternative outlets. With its American debut coming December 25th, the rest of the world has seen it open in markets since the 16th December in the UK, China, Belgium, Bulgaria, Egypt, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa & Switzerland. 

Prior to the latest COVID-19 developments, it was also due to release in the Netherlands, France and Germany. (Italy notably as a January 28th release date). On Friday it opened up in further Asian and Middle-Eastern markets, and is due to open on the 23rd in Korea.

The UK is now in lockdown in all but name

When will Wonder Woman 1984's trailer be release?

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The UK has taken a shattering of cinema markets being closed over the past 2 weeks with London entering Tier 3, then along with the South East tier 4 in the past 24 hours shuttering 100’s of cinemas. France, Germany and the Netherlands Cinemas remain closed due to restrictions, along with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Internationally Wonder Woman 1984 grossed $11m according to the latest figures adding up to a total of $14.5m with the biggest takings coming from China, $6.6m. At the moment the film is severely underperforming against even the realigned expectation due to the pandemic. 

Analysts are already joining in denoting the lack of marketing before release, along with the HBO Max announcement which gives the US just a 7-day window before it hits the streaming service. It certainly won’t be long before the film is then launched into piracy online which will lose even further custom, world-wide. 

The further closures in the European market absolutely haven’t helped and the Latin American market is also expected to underperform by around $2m by the close of play tonight.

Wonder Woman 1984’s box office will fail without the US

Wonder Woman 1984 will see Steve Trevor return

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Despite the effects across Europe, this film fundamentally needed North America to make serious bank. The first film, Wonder Woman took $412m in North America for Box Office Gross, just $28m in the UK, $8M in Spain $16m in France, $9m in Germany, including other European countries around $85-90m total. 

China made up over $90m in gross alone. Taking America out of the equation leaves Wonder Woman with very little ground to make any serious dent in the Box Office. All bets seemed to be placed on HBO Max picking up steam and keeping subscribers long term, but this box office performance is expected to be dismal. 

Cinemas certainly need releases and tent-poles at that to continue opening, but Warner Bros. Pictures have really shot themselves in the foot here.

What do you make of this news? Are you worried about Wonder Woman 1984’s box office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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