Why Is Thomas Jane’s Mystery Thriller The Vanished Doing So Well On Netflix?


It’s been revealed that Thomas Jayne’s mystery thriller movie, The Vanished has been doing very well on Netflix, and it’s a bit puzzling. The Vanished is now in the Top 10 list on Netflix, and it kind of happened overnight.

So, what is The Vanished and why are so many people watching this film? Well, I described it above as a “thriller mystery”, and yes, you can call it that. Some people have called it a “psychological thriller”, and I think that’s stretching the genre a bit.

It’s directed by Peter Facinelli and starring Thomas Jane, Anne Heche, Jason Patric and Facinelli. It’s kind of interesting that this film’s been doing so well with Netflix subscribers, because, spoilers, it’s not that good. But, I’ll go into why it’s done well a bit later on.

Thomas Jayne’s new mystery thriller, The Vanished, is doing very well on Netflix

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Here’s the film’s plot:

Paul (Thomas Jayne) and Wendy Michaelson (Anne Heche) take their RV to a remote lakeside campsite with their daughter Taylor (K.K. Heim) and their pug Lucky. Paul gets to know Miranda (Aleksei Archer), an attractive woman in the neighbouring campsite, while Wendy is getting supplies. However, when Wendy returns, they discover Taylor has gone missing.

They contact the manager Tom but have no luck. Sheriff Baker (Jason Patric) and Deputy Rakes (Peter Facinelli) organise a search party but tell Paul and Wendy to stay put. After 24 hours, Paul and Wendy file a missing persons report, and also learn that there is an escaped convict in the premises, but that he is unlikely to be the suspect. Paul and Wendy decide to conduct their own search, and eventually find a man sleeping at a campfire with a gun beside him. Assuming he is the convict, Wendy grabs his gun, and when he wakes up and grabs at it too, she shoots him. The next day, the sheriff tells them the convict was caught on a bus leaving town, and the camper was found shot. Paul and Wendy realize Wendy shot an innocent man.

Why is Thomas Jayne’s The Vanished so popular on Netflix?


Credit: Saban Films

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So, why has it been doing so well with Netflix subscribers? Well, the thing with The Vanished is that it’s one of those types of movies that does well with people when they’re stuck in the house.

Yep, so the reason this movie’s done well is because we’re all stuck in lockdown, and thrillers seem to be the types of films that people like the watch when we don’t have anything else to watch.

The fact that The Vanished also stars Thomas Jane, who’s pretty well known and people seem to like him. He’s a bit of a B-movie actor, but he’s one that people will watch. I mean, I like him and I watched this film because he was in it.

Is The Vanished a Netflix movie?


Credit: Saban Films

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Interestingly enough, The Vanished is not a Netflix original. It’s made by The Exchange, Ingenious Media and SSS Entertainment and was distributed by Saban Films. However, because of the lockdown and the fact the cinemas are currently closed, they opted to get it released on Netflix, which is probably the best place for The Vanished to be released.

I haven’t reviewed it yet officially on the site, but you can probably tell by this article that I don’t think it’s very good. It’s one of those movies that gets made a lot, and it has none of the style of something like Seven, The Silence Of The Lambs, Psycho, The Shining and Nocturnal Animals which I consider to be the best of the genre.

What do you make of this news? Did you watch Thomas Jayne in The Vanished over on Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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