What Would You Do With 1 Million Euros?


What would you do if you were to win 1 million euros? That is a pretty serious question! When there is another progressive prize at non-GamStop casinos, review such site justuk. As many people ask themselves what would I do if I were the winner? According to a recent study, the possibility of using the money to settle outstanding debts and pay off outstanding mortgages or to use the profit to fulfil the long-awaited dream of owning a house is very popular.

Probably everyone who has tried their luck in the lottery or gambling has at some point been faced with the question, what do I do if they are the lucky winner and suddenly become a million euros richer? In advertising, images are suggested of dream vacations or castle-like luxury properties. But what do people really dream of when they try their luck at gambling?

Betway conducted a poll of 3,000 people across Europe and the US on this subject and got interesting results on what they would actually do with the win.

Europeans Would Pay Off Their Debts & Invest in a House With 1 Million Euros


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The results of the survey in Europe have shown that the top priority of those surveyed is paying off outstanding debts. 25% stated that they would first pay off their debts, and 24% would first use the profit to pay off their open mortgages.

Numerous studies in the past have already shown how important one’s own house is on people’s wish lists. The Betway poll has also reconfirmed this priority. In the Betway study, 20% of respondents stated that they wanted to finance a house with the profits.

The fact that capital gained is quickly spent is also shown by the results of the survey, with 12% of those surveyed saying they wanted to finance a luxury vacation with the profit. Another 6% said they would use the money to buy a new car.

Satisfying one’s own desires was not the priority for all respondents. At least 7 per cent of those surveyed seem to be so satisfied with their current standard of living that they said they wanted to donate the money.

Starting a new business was also not high on the respondents’ list of priorities. Only 3% of those surveyed stated that they wanted to start their own company. An investment in oneself and one’s own further development does not seem to have a very high priority among those surveyed.

Finally Have a Reason to Quit the Job


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It was also asked whether the respondents could imagine quitting their job after winning. At least 41% answered the question in the affirmative and said they wanted to quit, whereby the proportion of men willing to give notice was higher at 45% than 37% of the women surveyed, who would give up their job after the windfall.

At least 36% of those surveyed saw no reason to quit their job. 34% of the men surveyed stated that they would never quit their job and 38% of the women surveyed would also want to keep their job.

Also interesting is the result of the study that 23% of those surveyed would see the profit of 1 million euros as a reason to want to take a longer break from professional life. Whereby women with 25% of the respondents long more for a break. Of the men surveyed, 21% would consider this alternative.

In the US, the First Thing to Do Is to Pay Off Outstanding Debts


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The study results showed the cultural differences between Europeans and Americans very clearly.

Therefore, Americans’ first priority is to pay off outstanding debts. After all, 38% of those surveyed stated that they would use the profit to pay off their debts. Having your own house is also a high priority in the USA, as it is for Europeans. 26% of those surveyed stated that they would use the money to buy their own house, and 17% would want to pay off their outstanding mortgage.

When it comes to vacations, the Americans were less willing to take vacations than the Europeans surveyed. Only 4% of those surveyed would invest the money they have won in a luxury holiday. A new car, donating money or starting a business are also less important for Americans. According to the study, only 5% of those questioned would buy a new car, only 3% would donate the money, and only 2% of those questioned could imagine investing the money in founding a company.

Americans Prefer to Stay in Their Jobs

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The result in an intercultural comparison is also exciting when it comes to the question of whether Americans would be open to quitting their job after making a large profit. With 46%, this question was mostly answered with no. Only 36% could imagine giving up their job with the cash prize. Also, when it comes to the question of a longer break, the Americans seem to be less longing for a longer recovery phase than the Europeans. Only 18% of those surveyed can therefore imagine a longer break, with women at 21% being more open to the topic than just 14% of the men surveyed.


In any case, the study gives exciting insights into how people in Europe and the USA think about how they would use a large prize from non-GamStop casinos. Ask yourself the question: What would I do with a sudden win of 1 million euros? And use it to explore your own priorities in life!

What would you end up doing if you were to win 1 million euros? Let us know in the comments below.


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