What To Expect From Lucifer Season 6 On Netflix


At long last, season 6 of Lucifer is going to drop on Netflix.

Season 5 of Lucifer had been delayed previously and was released in two parts, owing to the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, Lucifer Season 6 is the final outing for the series, and there will be no more episodes afterwards.

In season 5, we saw everyone’s favourite celestial crime-fighting duo team up to… well, fight crime, with some celestial hijinks thrown in for good measure. A lot happened.

The end of season 4 saw Lucifer Morningstar return to Hell in order to contain Demons running riot, in order to protect those on Earth.

Chloe Decker is an emotional mess.

However, his twin, Micheal, decides to impersonate his brother in order to mess with Chloe.

Eventually, he is found out in the end – but an epic battle of the brothers breaks out, with former friend Maze backing Micheal as he has promised her a soul.

God makes his first appearance in the series ever – meaning that there is the most awkward family dinner known to man, with the almighty presiding over the squabbling brothers.

However, he makes it known that he intends to retire – leaving it out to the rest of the celestial children to battle it out amongst themselves as to who will fulfil the throne of the creator.

A lot has happened. And, from the looks of the trailer for the sixth and final season, a lot is to come in the final 10 episodes.

What do we at Small Screen think you should expect from the trailer?

We’ve rounded up a few theories as to what. Just be warned – if you have not caught up on all of the episodes so far, there are some spoilers beyond this point.

A New Enemy Is On The Rise – And ‘Possession’ Is Back In

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We see in the trailer that there is a new enemy – and who looks like she has taken over Hell, complete with red feather winged finery.

In the trailer, we see this unnamed character expressing how she wishes to destroy Lucifer Morningstar.

Back in season 4, possession was a ‘hot topic’ – where a Demon would step inside the body of another individual, seemingly just at the point the soul passes down to Hell.

It seems that this has had something of a glow up, with Chloe Decker trying to visibly murder Lucifer, her beloved, in the trailer.

(We know: what is that all about?! There is a hand to hand combat scene, briefly, in the trailer – and she’d have to match up to fight a celestial being to even compete.)

There Seems To Be A Trip Down To Hell In Lucifer Season 6


Credit: Netflix

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One of the more bizarre parts of the trailer for season 6 seems to suggest that there will be a trip back down to Hell that this time both Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar will take part in.

This includes a small scene that looks like a reversal of Enchanted, the film that shows a transcendence from a cartoon universe to, well, reality.

Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar seem to be down in Hell for some reason, and have gone through one of the doors – a recurring theme that we have seen previously, such as with Mr Said Out Bitch.

What is the reason for the trip down to the deep and fiery pit of despair?

There’s not too long to find out, now.

Chloe Is No Longer ‘The Detective’ – Or Is She?


Credit: Netflix

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In season 5 Chloe left her job as a Detective at the Los Angles Police Department, in order to help Lucifer become God.

(Spoiler: in the last few seconds of season 5, this actually seems to happen – including something of a very subtle glow up within Lucifer himself, following an epic transformation going up to Heaven to save Chloe, to bring her back down to Earth.)

Is she still at the organisation, or has she become the side companion to the new almighty?

Lucifer Is On A Path To Assume The Role Of God


Credit: Netflix

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We sort of already knew that Lucifer Morningstar had already won the role of God, owing to the retirement of the original creator and Almighty.

We see a very brief, only just a glimpse, of a Lucifer with slicked-back hair, bedecked out completely all in a white suit and shoes, sat atop a new throne which is presumably in Heaven.

The light vs dark contrast is fairly obvious, so it’s more implied than anything else, but Lucifer may have finally taken up his place at last.

Eve Is Back – And Maeve May Be, Too. Let The Drama Commence

Eve is going to be back in the picture in Lucifer Season 5

Credit: Netflix

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We finally saw that Maze, the Demon from Hell who followed Lucifer up to LA, got back together with Eve, the first-ever human woman to walk the Earth.

The partnership/relationship got off to a bit of a rocky start, owing to Eve still being somewhat romantically entangled with her first love, Lucifer.

Remember: Lucifer and Eve had got together originally in the Garden Of Eden.

Eve had come back to Earth to have some fun, she said, including with what would be best described as risk-taking behaviours.

At the end of season 4, Eve goes off to ‘find herself’, with a reconciliation later in season 5, owing due to some emotional growth by both of the women.

The two women are back, and matrimony now seems to be assured, thanks in part due to a gory battle at the end of season 5.

(As a side note: Maze had an amazing ‘glow up’ – complete with a flame coloured battle outfit of epic proportions.)

However, things never ever go smoothly in this universe – but the representation is wonderful, and has the potential to do a lot.

Does Lucifer Morningstar Die?


Credit: Netflix

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It has been whispered about, but as this is the end, it raises the question: does Lucifer Morningstar die?

Is his existence fully wiped from the universe?

We can’t be sure – but we don’t have long to find out.

All we know is that there is a “bittersweet” ending.

Lucifer season 6 is out on September 10th on Netflix.


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