Wednesday Season 2 Will Not Leave Netflix For Prime Video

Wednesday Season 2 Will Not Leave Netflix For Prime Video

Of course, Netflix will not let Wednesday Season 2 stream on another service even for Prime Video. IndieWire brings this to light after reports say the series might see its second season in Amazon’s very own streaming service.

Just two days ago, we also posted the possibility. And the reason is quite unique. The chances of Wednesday Season 2 not getting the ‘tudum’ intro is due to a transaction that is rather technical or, more specifically, legal in nature.

In March last year, Amazon acquired MGM for a whopping $8.5 Billion. And, of course, the series being part of the Addams Family franchise, belongs to MGM.

Because Amazon has its own streaming service that is Prime Video, it is unavoidable to assume MGM titles will be appearing in their video library. And for most titles, that could be very true.

However, Netflix and MGM closed their deal prior to the momentous acquisition. If their corporate legal representatives did their homework, they would definitely have clauses in the contracts that protect the interests of all parties.

It is just that the recent cancellation reports on the streaming service do nothing to abate the speculations of the series moving. The streaming giant has been discontinuing some titles, even though they are fan favourites.

Fans Worried Wednesday Season 2 might Move to Prime Video


Credit: Netflix

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The streaming service cancelling certain well-made series is leaving a bad impression among its subscribers. And it is not surprising to learn that fans of the newest adaptation of Charles Addams’ unique family suspect it is finding its way to the Amazon streaming site.

However, there is no doubt that Netflix will keep their kooky teenage Addams and her sentient disembodied hand. We don’t need supernatural abilities to see that they will green-light the series for a follow-up season.

In fact, just last December, we got confirmation from an insider that Wednesday Season 2 has indeed received the green light. Furthermore, talks are already underway for a third season!

It is just too good, too popular and timely for them to let the series go. Unlike the various schools that could not keep up with the Addams’ eldest daughter’s quirks, Netflix is doing everything in its power to keep her. Even though they haven’t taken the information to social media posts, it is really going to happen.

To refresh you with our exclusive, an inside source with very close ties to the project shared the information that the second season received the greenlight over at Netflix. Here’s what the source had to say:

Season 2 is happening. That’s a certainty now. It might be a few weeks before Netflix gives everyone the go-ahead to talk about it officially on social media. Talks about a third season are also ongoing.

To say that the new series under the Addams Family franchise has hit the targets will be an understatement. We may never know the specific target digits, but streaming records provide evidence of the fact.

Netflix Won’t Allow the show to Move To Prime Video

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The first season overtook the record of Stranger Things being the one with the most viewing time in a single week. That is for the streaming giant’s English-language series.

Records report that the series accumulated more than 400 million hours in one week. That number is no joke. And the series has just begun.

The series is also successful in expanding the world of the Addams Family. Nevermore Academy is an interesting backdrop for her adventures with Thing and her friends Enid and Eugene.

So many possibilities for future storytelling and mystery-solving are still there. And we all know how inquisitive Gomez and Morticia’s Little Viper can be.

Furthermore, she still has that fencing tournament to win with Bianca against a school they have yet to name. And let us not begin with the possibility of Eugene getting his chance with Enid too.

And what about Xavier and Tyler? Even though what happened to Principal Weems in season 1 is not a secret anymore, people still would like to see Gwendoline Christie back for season 2.

Viewers are still looking forward to seeing Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzman, and Isaac Ordonez portray the extraordinary family. Needless to say, Tim Burton once again wowed the audience around the world with his vision. 

Fans of the 90s movies also appreciate that the series had Christina Ricci on board for the first season.

Undeniably, Ortega shines in the series even though she is devoid of colour and brightness. Thus, Ricci acknowledges her as this generation’s own Wednesday Addams.

So why wouldn’t the streaming giant want to keep that? Do you share our belief that Season 2 will not be moving from Netflix to Prime Video? What do you make of this news?

So why wouldn’t the streaming giant want to keep that? Do you share our belief that Season 2 will not be moving from Netflix to Prime Video? What do you make of this news?


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