A Spinoff Mera Movie Starring Amber Heard Reportedly Being Considered By Warner Bros. Pictures


It’s being reported by Geekosity’s Mikey Sutton that Warner Bros. Pictures is now considering making a solo Mera movie with Amber Heard as the lead. This comes after it was revealed that WarnerMedia would find it very difficult to fire Heard from Aquaman 2 due to her contract.

So, it was revealed a few days ago that Heard is almost impossible to fire. However, it now sounds as if she’s going to get her own movie, which I’m pretty sure will rub people the wrong way.

The idea of an Amber Heard-lead Mera spinoff movie does sound rather farfetched to me, especially given how unpopular the actress is at the moment. That unpopularity has to do with the whole Johnny Depp court case and the fact that people believe she’s not as innocent as she claims to be in this whole affair.

It’s all resulted in a petition on Change.org demanding Warner Bros. Pictures removes her from Aquaman 2 reaching over 1 million signatures. That’s made it one of the most signed petitions on the platform, which is bonkers!

Amber Heard might be getting her own Mera spinoff movie

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Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Anyway, back to this Mera spinoff movie. According to Mikey Sutton, Warner Bros. Pictures isn’t listening to what’s going on online, despite the petition’s rediculous number of signatures.

Here’s what Sutton wrote in his scoop:

An insider explained that, ‘They see it no differently than the boycott of Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel film, which proved to be ineffective as it brought in over a billion to Disney. They believe it’s artificially inflated and most likely politically motivated. They don’t base their decisions on web chatter.’

What do you make of this story? Do you really believe Warner Bros. Pictures should give Amber Heard a Mera spinoff movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Vlad

    They have lost 100% of my respect, let them say whatever they want to dodge the people defending Johnny Depp but a spin off movie with Amber? I can’t speak for everyone but all I can say is I won’t be watching ‍♂️

  2. Bodil

    Well, you can ignore the people who defending Johnny Depp as much as you like, but I’m sure you can not ignore all the people who dont want to see the movies where Ascamber is involvet in!!!
    Let’s see what happens when Johnny’s well over 8.5 million supporters, PLUS all of their families PLUS all the people who thought he has been treated unfairly by the film companies because of Ascamber PLUS people who know he has been subjected to false accusations because of Ascamber’s lies!
    Do you really think you can ignore all those people???
    It will be millions and millions, and when they are NOT going to pay as much as a penny to se your films, what do you think will happen then???
    and just because you are so stupid keeping, not even a good actor???
    So at that point you CAN NOT ignor the people who defending Johnny Depp, NO it will be the biggest wake up call ever!!!

  3. Marion Olive Gardiner

    Sounds like a very good idea. She is a good actress and her character is interesting, so why not.

    The whole team Johnny thing is sad and juvenile, they clearly had a toxic relationship, and even if she hit him it does not preclude him hitting her on other occasions, anymore then the fact he didn’t hit previous partners means he hasn’t hit Heard.

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