Warner Bros Making A New Free Streaming Service


It’s been revealed that Warner Bros Discovery is working on a new free streaming platform, which might surprise a number of people. This new free streaming service is going to go up against the likes of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus and Hulu.

It seems as though more and more streaming services are starting to offer new free versions of their platforms. Netflix and Disney Plus have already gone down that road, and I’m interested in seeing how that’ll develop moving forward.

I have already read reports suggesting that not many people have signed up for the free version of Netflix. It seems as though people want to pay to get rid of ads. People just don’t want to see ads any more.

Personally, I understand that. I still have the paid versions of Netflix and Disney Plus, and I don’t think I’ll switch unless they both get extremely expensive.

Warner Bros Discovery is making a new free streaming service


Credit: HBO Max

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So, according to Bloomberg, Warner Bros Discovery is creating its own free, advertising-supported streaming platform, which will be called WBTV.

The thing is, many of Warner Bros’ biggest TV offerings such as The Big Bang Theory, Friends, and The West Wing already have a home on the HBO Max in the United States and other territories where HBO Max is available.

Bloomberg wrote that we shouldn’t “expect Warner Bros. to let its biggest hits leave HBO Max,” as much of its streaming is thanks to “a small number of library titles (like Friends).”

However, Warner Bros Discovery is looking to explore the benefits of making a free streaming service. This service will be a “free, advertising-supported streaming service,” which is a bit like Tubi or IMDbTV.

These free streaming platforms tend to be the home to less-popular shows, which seems to be the plan for this new WBTV free streaming service.

Both Disney+ and Netflix recently introduced cheaper ad-supported tiers to their services, so this could be in direct response to those moves as well.

What’s happening to HBO Max?


Credit: HBO Max

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The big question I had when I heard this news was what’s going to happen to HBO Max. It’s a perfectly good streaming platform, so why make this new free one?

Well, it seems as though HBO Max will remain Warner Bros Discovery’s paid premium streaming service where most of the studios’ most popular shows and movies will reside.

The likes of Friends, The West Wing and The Big Bang Theory will be on the platform. I also think that new seasons of their hit shows such as The White Lotus will debut on HBO Max, not WBTV.

I have a feeling that WBTV will be the home of some of the studios’ less popular shows. Maybe even some of Discovery’s reality TV programmes.

I did wonder for a while whether Discovery and Warner Bros might want to combine their streaming service – kind of like an HBO Max Plus.

However, it seems as though they want to keep the two streaming platforms separate. I’m interested in seeing what’s going to happen with this new free streaming platform in the future.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to checking out this new streaming service from Warner Bros Discovery? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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