Christoph Waltz Talks About Alita: Battle Angel 2 Plans

Christoph Waltz Talks About Alita Battle Angel 2 Plans

Christoph Waltz speaks about the possibility of returning to Alita: Battle Angel 2. The talks about making a sequel for the 2019 film have been going around for a while.

Adapting anime into a live-action film is not easy and it’s easily ripped apart by fans. While Alita: Battle Angel had its flaws, it was obvious that it was the better ones out there. Fans did point out issues but in general, many loved the film. It’s a rare feat in itself.

Alita: Battle Angel took a long time to be made into a reality. James Cameron showed interest in making Tukito Kishiro’s books titled Gunnm into a film back in 2000.

At the time, Cameron was interested in making the film himself. But plans to make the film took a long detour because of a film called Avatar.

It was only when Robert Rodriguez was offered to condense the screenplay that he was also offered to direct the film when the production went forward. The film, after almost two decades, was finally released in 2019, starring Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, and Jennifer Connelly.

Alita: Battle Angel was set up to be made into a franchise. While the movie ended with Alita beating the villains Vector (Maherhala Ali) and Grewishka (Jackie Earle Haley). It did introduce Nova, played by Edward Norton as the main villain of the franchise.

Christoph Waltz Could Return For Alita: Battle Angel 2

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The movie is only a small portion of Alita’s story. The film tells only one volume out of nine. So, making a sequel was in the plans. And the movie didn’t do so badly, it did more than break even.

But, as everyone knows, Disney went to buy 20th Century Fox, which happened just a couple of months after the release of Alita: Battle Angel. Because of it, no one at the time knew what would happen to Alita and to any franchise under Fox.

So, the future of Alita is in question. But in an interview by Screen Rant with Christoph Waltz while promoting his new series The Consultant, he was asked if he was interested to come back. He said:

Yes, if the part is what I would like to do, certainly. Definitely.

Waltz played Dr. Dyson Ido, who revived Alita. Also, the character survived the film, so his return is expected. Especially Dyson considers Alita as his own daughter. But as Waltz said, it still depends on the script.

Making a sequel is still in the plans; the question is when. Especially with Cameron working on Avatar films back-to-back.

Filmmakers Want To Make Alita: Battle Angel 2

Christoph Waltz Talks About Alita Battle Angel 2 Plans

Credit: 20th Century Fox

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Producer Jon Landau has said to Deadline during the premiere of James Cameron’s latest film Avatar: The Way of Water:

Well, there’s a little film called Alita: Battle Angel that we’d love to circle back and do a sequel to. Been talking to Robert [Rodriguez] about that, and hopefully that comes to fruition. … I never put a time frame on anything, because you guys will hold it against me.

The director Robert Rodriguez has also expressed interest in getting back to it, even if it was on Disney Plus. He said in an interview with The Nerdy Basement:

I’m trying to see what happens with Boba Fett, I think that’s going to knock people’s socks off so when that happens I will go in and say, ok, I’ve been here for a while, let’s figure out how we can do Alita whether it’s for streaming or theatrical because it’s such a great property, people love it, I love it and Jim loves it. We [Robert and Jim] just talked about it recently again, about how can we do this, what’s the best way to approach it, I think it’ll be me going in there with him to talk about it because I’m doing a lot of stuff for them [Disney] now.

James Cameron, Jon Landau and Robert Rodriguez have been saying how much they want to continue the franchise. Not only that, but both Rodriguez and Cameron have made a “blood oath” into making a sequel.

It would be great to see the franchise push through. I enjoyed the film. And I hope we do see more of Rosa Salazar returning as Alita, Waltz, and hopefully Edward Norton. I don’t want this film franchise to just fade away.

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