Warner Bros Debunks Ezra Miller Crisis Meeting Claims

It seems as though a source at Warner Bros. Pictures has ‘debunked’ the recent claims that crisis meetings were held at the studios regarding Ezra Miller’s recent behaviour.

There had been reports that Warner Bros. Pictures held crisis meetings internally after Ezra Miller’s recent antics in Hawaii.

This came after Rolling Stone posted an article in which they said this was the case.

However, IGN has since reached out to their own sources, and they’ve informed them that “no such meetings took place”.

IGN wrote: “A source with the studio has rebuked the original report from Rolling Stone, telling IGN that no such emergency meeting took place and dismissing the claims as exaggeration.”

Did that Warner Bros Ezra Miller crisis meeting actually happen or not?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Rolling Stone is a pretty big outlet and I’m sure they would have done their due diligence regarding their claims that Warners Bros was worried about Miller’s behaviour.

What I will say is that IGN’s source here feels rather weak to me.

We’ve been hearing from multiple people that Warner Bros was discussing options regarding what to do with Ezra Miller.

The day before Rolling Stone’s article was published, John Campea said he was informed that Warner Bros was “discussing options” about what to do with Miller.

It just feels to me as though there’s too much evidence that Warners is worried about the star and also the bad PR he’s bringing their way.

What do you make of this news?

Do you believe the claims that there was an emergency meeting inside Warner Bros regarding Ezra Miller?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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