WandaVision’s Finale Gets The Series’ Lowest Audience Score


The audience score for WandaVision’s finale has been revealed and the episode is the lowest scored episode of the very first MCU series on Disney Plus.

This score comes from Rotten Tomatoes.

The episode ended up with an overall score of 85%, which seems pretty high, however, it’s the lowest-rated episode of the series.

WandaVision has been a pretty highly rated show, but this last episode – which was called The Series Finale – got four rotten reviews from official reviewers on the platform.

Most reviewers agreed that the show was a bit of a formulaic finale and a lot like the Marvel movies.

However, many people highlighted the incredible performances and praised how the show focused on the emotional ramifications for Wanda.

Yet, some reviewers just really didn’t like the way the show ended and gave the finale a rotten review.

WandaVision’s Finale got the series’ lowest score


Credit: Marvel Studios

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A lot of people really didn’t take kindly to the WandaVision finale because it didn’t align with the theories they had come up with.

This was to be expected when it was revealed that the new Marvel shows on Disney Plus would be released weekly.

This was a brilliant move on Disney and Marvel’s behalf because it meant that the show would get more viewers week on week.

However, it also gave viewers more time to come up with their own fan theories.

This was setting the viewers up for disappointment because most people’s theories were pretty out there.

A lot of people were hoping to see Doctor Strange make a cameo, which didn’t happen.

Other MCU fans wanted Mephisto to be revealed, and they were upset when that didn’t end up happening.

What do you make of this news?

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