WandaVision Theory Is Connecting SWORD Director Hayward To Ultron


There’s a new WandaVision theory that’s making the rounds which really has me excited to see the next few episodes of the Disney Plus Marvel TV series. This WandaVision theory is connecting SWORD Director Hayward to Ultron and it comes from Twitter.

Honestly, after having read this theory, I think it’s spot on and really would be both crazy and make fans go wild. It would also make perfect sense and explain why Director Hayward hates superheroes so much and wants to destroy Wanda Maximoff rather than talk to her.

We also revealed a few weeks back that Jame Spader would be returning as Ultron in the show, so this could be the way Marvel Studios brings him back, and I would really love it if they did it this way.

SWORD’s Director in WandaVision might be connected to Ultron

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So, what the theory? Well, according to @Jayspatrol on Twitter, Ultron has taken human form before in the animated series and in the comics in order to take out the Avengers. So, the user is claiming that Hayward could be Ultron in desguise and is trying to find a way to erracdicate the Avengers one by one.

Here’s what they said:

In the Avengers Assemble show, Ultron took a human form as a government official to take out the Avengers So Hayward could be Ultron in disguise and that’s why he wanted Visions corpse.

This would make so much sense to me, and I’m now convinced this is going to be the case. I can’t wait for the reveal in the next three episodes of WandaVision!

What do you make of this fan theory? Are you loving WandaVision on Disney Plus so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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