WandaVision Episode 4 Explained: Monica Rambeau Undercover And Ending


Throughout Episode 4 of WandaVision, the SWORD team show concern over Monica’s disappearance into Westview and they closely monitor her presence. Jimmy (Randall Park) voices aloud to Darcy (Kat Dennings) that she seems okay (as in, relatively safe) but “that’s not the boss lady” he was working with the day prior. Instead, she’s Geraldine (Teyonah Parris)! 

The two ponder over whether or not she is safe and if she is playing a cover — if so, why? At this moment, Darcy has to remind Jimmy that they’re “working with the same scarcity of intel.” Yikes!

With this new insight into the final scene between Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Monica, we get to see what truly happened between the mentioning of Ultron and Monica’s forced departure. However, Darcy and Jimmy are not privy to this information as the scene is cut and Darcy voices, “Someone is censoring the broadcast.” 

Flashback to our recap of episode three (reminder that Monica is Geraldine):

Wanda confides to Geraldine that she is a twin and mentions her deceased brother Pietro before beginning to sing a Sokovian song while rocking the babies’ crib. Geraldine looks despairingly and says, “He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” This sets Wanda off and she begins berating her, asking her to repeat what she said, but Geraldine only responds with lies— “I said, Wanda, you’re a strong lady.”

It cuts back to the neighbours and Vision, Herb is trying to explain their concerns. He repeats. “She came here because..” but trails off, being directed by Agnes to keep hush. The neighbours both make flawless exits and Vision is left alone, rushing into the house.

His public face is gone by the time he enters the house, appearing truly in his android form, despite assuming that Geraldine was still in the house. He asks, “Where’s Geraldine” and Wanda sinisterly replies, staring out into the distance, “She left, honey. She had to rush home.”

The final scene shows Geraldine being thrown out of the “TV World” — she is forcibly rejected through static fuzz and the episode expands in ratio, no longer appearing in 4:3 aspect ratio and instead of taking up the entire screen. Geraldine is ejected past the Westview town sign and into an area resembling a military camp, surrounded by helicopters and cars, and that’s where the episode ends.


Credit: Marvel Studios

Episode 4 of WandaVision gives insight into the confrontation that truly went down between the two. In this “censored” sitcom scene, Wanda is shown cornering Geraldine as she continues to question her identity.

When Wanda asks “Who are you?” Geraldine beings to answer “I don’t—” before trailing off into silence. She asked again and Geraldine responds with, “I’m just your neighbour.”

Wanda begins conjuring her forceful energy manipulation powers and says, “You are not my neighbour and you are definitely not my friend. You’re a stranger and an outsider. Right now you are trespassing and I want you to leave.” She then uses her force to push Geraldine through the house’s bookshelf and walk — out of the sitcom world, and back into the SWORD camp. 

Back in the sitcom world, Wanda appears horrified for a moment before snapping back into her facade — she quickly uses her powers to fix the destroyed wall and walks back over to her twins. Vision (Paul Bettany) then enters the house again and questions his wife about Geraldine’s rapid disappearance— which we saw in episode three. 

However, new to episode 4, after she tells Vision that Geraldine returned home. Wanda turns around and rapidly views Vision in his post-Thanos form— dead with a destroyed head. He quickly flashes back to normal. 


Credit: Marvel Studios

At Wanda’s gasp, he tried to reassure her by saying, “We don’t have to stay here. We can go where we want.”

Wanda replies with forced sincerity, “No, we can’t. This is our home.” Vision replied, “Are you sure?” and Wanda says, “Don’t worry darling, I have everything under control.” 

The episode cuts back to present-day Marvel and Geraldine (who is now Monica) tells Jimmy that everything that is happening is attributed to Wanda. She says, “It’s all Wanda.” 

Lastly, WandaVision episode 4 ends with Wanda picking up one of the babies saying “it’s now lunchtime.” Looking sceptical, Vision picks up the other twin and joins her on the couch. They sit back and Vision places his arm over Wanda’s shoulder — back to the happy couple— and they put on a game show.

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