WandaVision Episode 4 Explained: The Beekeeper’s Identity Revealed

beekeeper wandavision epsiode 4 revealed

At the end of WandaVision Episode 2, there was a man in a beekeeper-esque suit who emerged from the gutter outside of Wanda and Vision’s home. In Episode 4, this man is revealed to be Agent Franklin, working for SWORD.

Flashback to our recap of episode 2

Wanda and Vision are back at home from their magic show, however as they chat, it appears that Wanda is miraculously pregnant. They celebrate with a quick embrace before hearing a loud noise. Deciding to investigate, they discover a man in a beekeeper suit with a SWORD logo on the back crawling out of the sewer and heading towards them.

Wanda has a visceral reaction and refuses this to be the reality. She simply says “no” and suddenly the scene has rewound back to her pregnancy reveal.

WandaVision Episode 4 revealed the beekeeper’s identity


Credit: Marvel Studios

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In present-day Marvel, Darcy (Kat Dennings) watches this entire interaction go down. As for the beekeeper, it was really fascinating to see who he really was and how he ended up coming out of the sewer. We just hope that Agent Franklin’s OK and wasn’t completely pulverised out of existence by Wanda. It’s really looking like she’s losing it, and the world should be afraid, very afraid.

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