Tron: Legacy Director Reveals A Sequel Still Might Be In The Works At Disney

It’s been revealed by Tron: Legacy’s director, Joseph Kosinski, that another Tron sequel might still be in the works as Disney.

Tron: Legacy didn’t do too poorly at the box office, however, it never got a sequel.

The movie came 28 years after the first TRON movie and it wasn’t quite what moviegoers were looking for.

The movie ended up grossing over $400 million worldwide, which isn’t a number to be sniffed at.

There’s also been a Tron ride made at Disneyland in Shanghai and an animated Tron series.

The movie’s director, Joseph Kosinski has now been opening up about the possibility of another Tron sequel.

There could be another Tron sequel coming

TRON sequel Disney

Is a Tron sequel a good idea? – Credit: Disney

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Here’s what he told in a recent interview:

There’s always been an interest since Legacy. There’s always been talk and murmuring of doing another and continuing the story… I think it’s still a nice jewel in the crown of Disney IP, and I think there are fans and people petitioning and pushing to continue it in the halls of Disney. So I think it could happen. Like anything, it just needs the right confluence of… it’s all about timing and the right elements, and everything’s got to come together for a movie to happen. I think it’s possible and I think it’s worthy of it. I think there’s enough ideas in the franchise, and the fact that it so unique and nothing else looks or sounds like, it, that Tron story. There is, I think, a future for the franchise and I hope they keep making them.

What do you make of this news?

Would you like to see another Tron sequel after Tron: Legacy?

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