Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts Review – Same Old Rubbish


Directed by Steven Caple Jr. and featuring a talented cast including Anthony Ramos, Pete Davidson, Peter Cullen, and Ron Perlman, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the seventh instalment in the Transformers franchise. While there are enjoyable moments to be found in this latest entry, unfortunately, it also confirms some of the concerns about the series’ future.

In this film, the mechanical and assembly-line approach to storytelling is more pronounced than ever before, hampering its ability to stand out. While the Transformers concept naturally lends itself to a formulaic approach, Rise of the Beasts adheres too rigidly to the tried-and-tested formula, lacking the creative spark that made its predecessors memorable.

Challenges in Post-Production


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During The Hot Mic Podcast, insider Jeff Sneider shared intriguing details about Transformers: Rise of the Beasts’ post-production process. Sneider revealed that the film underwent extensive editing involving nearly a dozen teams. This comprehensive editing process, though ambitious, may have contributed to some of the film’s shortcomings, as it struggled to find a distinct voice and creative vision.

While Steve Cable Jr’s work on Creed II was well-received, concerns arise regarding his role as a creative force in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. It is suggested that Cable Jr. may have acted more as a hired collaborator, lacking the ability to introduce fresh and innovative ideas. This raises questions about his influence and creative freedom in shaping the film according to his vision. The notion that he may have been seen as a mere instrument for producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura heightens concerns about his artistic control and its impact on the final outcome.

These insights into the extensive editing process and concerns about Cable Jr’s role in the film’s creative direction shed light on the challenges faced during Transformers: Rise of the Beasts production. They underscore the complexities of bringing such a large-scale project to fruition and emphasize how different creative forces can influence the overall outcome.

Lack of Originality and Stakes

transformers rise of the beasts still

Credit: Paramount Pictures

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The film’s creative shortcomings become apparent as it progresses. It gives the impression that the script was lightly touched up by a human but predominantly written by an AI model like Chat GPT, resulting in a lack of originality. As a consequence, the movie fails to establish significant stakes, leaving viewers with the impression that its primary purpose is to serve as a merchandise-selling vehicle rather than a captivating storytelling experience.

Additionally, the post-credit scene, which aims to set up an attention-grabbing crossover, falls short in execution. While it was intended to generate excitement and anticipation for future instalments, it failed to have the desired impact. The execution of the scene lacks the necessary finesse and cohesive connection with the rest of the film, leaving viewers feeling underwhelmed and questioning its effectiveness in building anticipation for what’s to come.

Furthermore, it’s worth considering the involvement of Joby Harold in the script touch-up process. Given his previous works on projects like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Robin Hood, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, which received mixed receptions, it raises concerns about the choice to have him involved in refining the

script. This decision may have contributed to the overall shortcomings in the film’s narrative and creative execution.

Transformers: Rise Of The Beast’s Inclusive Cast Shines


Credit: Paramount Pictures

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Noteworthy in the film is the introduction of an all-new cast, with Anthony Ramos and Pete Davidson taking centre stage. Ramos delivers a commendable performance, infusing his character with charisma and energy. He brings a refreshing perspective to the film, capturing the audience’s attention with his dynamic portrayal. Davidson injects his signature humour, providing much-needed comedic relief and light-heartedness amidst the intense narrative. His comedic timing and delivery bring moments of levity, balancing the more severe aspects of the film. Ramos and Davidson make their characters memorable and entertaining.

The return of Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime and Ron Perlman’s inclusion elevate the film with their seasoned talent. Cullen’s deep and authoritative voice continues to embody the spirit of the heroic Autobot leader, invoking nostalgia for longtime fans. Perlman’s presence adds gravitas and weight to his character. With their impressive acting prowess, Cullen and Perlman bring depth to the film, enhancing the overall quality of the performances. Their contributions capture the audience and contribute to the film’s memorability.

The performances of Anthony Ramos, Pete Davidson, Peter Cullen, and Ron Perlman in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts contribute to the film’s appeal. They bring their respective talents to the forefront, delivering engaging portrayals that add charm, humour, nostalgia, and gravitas to the proceedings. Their contributions enhance the overall viewing experience, making the film more memorable.

Struggling to Break Free


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Despite the positive aspects, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts struggles to break free from its formulaic structure. The plot follows a predictable trajectory, lacking inventive storytelling that could have elevated the movie. Action sequences, while plentiful, feel repetitive and fail to deliver the awe-inspiring spectacle of previous instalments. Editing challenges during post-production may have contributed to the final product’s choppiness.

In essence, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts fails to distinguish itself due to its mechanical storytelling approach and adherence to a formulaic structure. The new cast members inject life and humour, while the return of familiar voices adds nostalgia. However, the film’s reluctance to break away from its established formula and reported editing challenges hinder its creative excellence. While fans may still enjoy the action and familiar characters, others may yearn for a more innovative and captivating Transformers experience.

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Good Things

  • Anthony Ramos delivers a commendable performance
  • Pete Davidson brings his signature humour
  • Peter Cullen's return as the voice of Optimus Prime evokes nostalgia and adds gravitas
  • Ron Perlman's seasoned acting prowess enhances the film's depth
  • The introduction of an all-new cast brings fresh perspectives and relatable qualities to the story

Bad Things

  • The mechanical and assembly-line approach to storytelling limits its ability to stand out
  • Extensive editing during post-production may have contributed to choppiness in the final product
  • The film adheres too rigidly to a formulaic structure, lacking a creative spark and originality
  • The lack of inventive storytelling leads to a predictable plot trajectory
  • Action sequences feel familiar and fail to deliver the awe-inspiring spectacle of previous instalments

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