We Asked ChatGPT To Write Beetlejuice 2’s Plot – Here’s What It Came Up With


With the Writers’ Strike in full swing, it’s pretty obvious that Hollywood producers are seriously starting to think of getting ChatGPT to write the scripts for their upcoming blockbusters. Hollywood is in an age of sequels and reboots. Well, it’s kind of always has been, but that trend has become worse in recent years.

One of those upcoming sequels that Hollywood is planning on getting made is Beetlejuice 2. The movie is going to see the likes of Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder return as Betelgeuse and Lydia Deetz respectively. It’s also been revealed that Jenna Ortega and Justin Theroux have been cast in the movie.

The movie is going to be directed by Tim Burton, but the question is, who’s going to write the picture now that all of Hollywood’s writers are on strike? I know! Why not give ChatGPT a go at coming up with the movie’s script? So, that’s what I did, and you know what, the plot it came up with sounds a lot like something that a Hollywood movie producer might force a writer to come up with (scary, isn’t it).

What does ChatGPT think Beetlejuice 2’s plot should be?


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So, without any further ado, here’s what ChatGPT thinks the next Beetlejuice movie should all be about:

Title: Beetlejuice 2: Beyond the Grave


The sequel begins in the bustling realm of the afterlife, where Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) has since become a down-on-his-luck, scheming spirit, who has been demoted to an office job at the Department of Afterlife Affairs after the events of the first film. Longing for his old freedom, Beetlejuice stumbles upon an ancient prophecy that reveals the existence of a mystical artifact, the “Eternal Hourglass”, which can grant unlimited power to any ghost.

Meanwhile, back in the world of the living, Lydia Deetz (Winona Ryder) is now an acclaimed paranormal investigator and author, having used her unique experiences to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. Lydia, however, is haunted by her past and the unusual friendships she once had, feeling a deep connection to the other side.

When Beetlejuice, driven by his desire to escape the monotonous afterlife bureaucracy, decides to seek the Eternal Hourglass, it causes a disruption in the balance between the living and the dead. Spirits start slipping to the mortal world uncontrollably, and Lydia starts noticing the increasing paranormal activity.

Lydia is inevitably drawn into the chaos, and when she learns about Beetlejuice’s plan, she decides to stop him. To do so, she must reluctantly team up with Beetlejuice, guiding him to use his powers for good and protect the balance of both worlds.

Together, they embark on a hilarious and spooky journey, encountering eccentric ghosts, vengeful spirits, and afterlife bureaucrats, all while Lydia tries to manage Beetlejuice’s unpredictable nature.

During their journey, Beetlejuice and Lydia form an unlikely bond, learning about acceptance, friendship, and the value of their own lives (or afterlives). Beetlejuice eventually makes a crucial decision between gaining absolute power or saving his newfound friend and restoring balance to the realms.

The film concludes with an epic showdown that tests Beetlejuice’s true character and the strength of Lydia’s resolve. The ending leaves room for future sequels, opening the door to the possibility of more adventures with Beetlejuice, Lydia, and the colourful inhabitants of the afterlife.

“Beetlejuice 2: Beyond the Grave” pays homage to the original’s unique blend of comedy, horror, and drama, while introducing new characters and settings that expand the Beetlejuice universe in exciting and unexpected ways. This sequel maintains the distinctive visual style and irreverent humour of the original, while exploring deeper themes of friendship, responsibility, and the importance of staying true to oneself.

So, there you have it, that is what ChatGPT thinks the next Beetlejuice movie should be all about. The plot does sound a little bit like that Pixar animated movie, Coco, but don’t all movies resemble one another nowadays?

What do you make of ChatGPT’s plot for Beetlejuice 2? It’ll be interesting to see whether this is what Tim Burton and co end up going with. I hope not, because the plot sounds very, very predicable, but you never know. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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