Tom Holland Reportedly Being Considered For Role In New Pokémon Movie

It’s being rumoured that Tom Holland is being considered to play the lead in a new Pokémon movie, which makes some sort of sense. This rumour comes to us from We Got This Covered’s sources.

According to WGTC’s sources, “the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s very own Spider-Man is being considered for a new big-screen outing in the franchise and specifically, the studio is eyeing him for the role of Blue Oak in a future Pokémon spinoff, which would be set in the same universe as Detective Pikachu and is a separate project from the direct sequel to that film.”

So, he’s reportedly being considered for the tole of Blue Oak – Professor Oak’s grandson, and it would all be set in the same universe as the Ryan Reynolds Detective Pikachu movie, which sounds interesting to me. However, there’s nothing in the article about whether Reynolds would be returning.

Tom Holland could be about to play the lead in a Pokémon movie

Ryan Reynolds was the voice of Pikachu in Detective Pikachu

Credit: Lionsgate

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I was actually quite a big fan of the Detective Pikachu movie. I liked Ryan Reynolds voicing Pikachu, and I liked how the movie looked. I also quite enjoyed the film’s plot, even though it was a bit formulaic.

One thing I really loved about the Detective Pikachu was the world-building. The world they managed to create in which humans and Pokemon lived together pretty much in harmony was quite refreshing.

There was also the fact they designed the film’s Pokemon really well. They weren’t jarring to look at mixed in with real-life people. That was one thing I was a bit worried about when I first heard they were making a live-action Detective Pikachu movie.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see Tom Holland play the lead in a future Pokémon movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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