Tom Holland Doesn’t Know If He’ll Return As Spider-Man


Tom Holland still doesn’t know if he’ll get to come back as Spider-Man after Spider-Man No Way Home, which is quite surprising.

Holland revealed this during a recent interview with Empire Magazine.

The interview is in Empire’s most recent issue, which is a Spider-Man: No Way Home special.

I would highly recommend you get the issue if you want to read the whole thing.

However, some snippets of the interviews with Tom, Amy Pascal and Kevin Feige have already been shared online.

One of the really interesting and maybe slightly worrying things that Tom revealed during this interview was that he still doesn’t know what’s going to happen after Spider-Man: No Way Home.

His contract is now basically up, and he doesn’t know what might happen next.

So, technically, this could be the last time we get to see Tom Holland play Spidey.

However, I am 100% that will not happen! I’ll let you know why in a future article/video.

Could Spider-Man: No Way Home be Tom Holland’s final Spider-Man movie

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Anyway, here’s what Tom Holland had to say about his future as Spider-Man:

I honestly don’t know (If I’ll return), It’s the first time since I got cast as Spider-Man that I don’t have a contract.

So, Tom Holland is claiming that he still doesn’t know if he’ll get to return as Spider-Man.

If they end up ending Holland’s Spider-Man run after No Way Home, I think people will take to the streets.

I genuinely think he’s that popular with moviegoers and Marvel and Spider-Man fans.

He’s great in the role. Literally, I think he was made to play Spider-Man.

I am also pretty certain that Sony and Marvel have very big plans for Spider-Man moving forward.

I am also pretty sure that those plans include Tom Holland playing the role.

What do you make of this news?

Do you think Tom Holland will stop playing Spider-Man after No Way Home?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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