The Weeknd Should Be Cast As The Joker In Robert Pattinson’s Batman Movies


OK, bear with me on this one. I recently watched the music video of Save You Tears from The Weeknd and the first thing that came to mind was “he has to play the Joker”. I know a lot of you will be reading this (hopefully a lot of you) and think that I’m crazy. However, there is method in my madness.

I’ve been a huge fan of The Weeknd – real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye – and I’ve been particularly impressed with his latest album, After Hours. I think there are some incredible tracks on the album, such as Blinding Lights, In Your Eyes and of course, Save Your Tears. They’re all real bangers, but what I’ve been really impressed with have been his recent videos.

The Weeknd adopts a new persona for every one of his albums, and After Hours’ persona is particularly intriguing. He’s been going around with a red blazer on and has been seen with black eyes, a broken nose, blood on his face and he’s also been seen with bandages on his face. However, this latest video for Save Your Tears – of which there have been many – really shocked some people. The reason: because his face is pretty scary.

The Weeknd has to play The Joker in Robert Pattinson’s Batman movies

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There have been some people who’ve claimed that his videos for After Hours have been cinematic masterpieces, and I would really agree with this take. I think he’s really pulled out all the stops on these videos. I also think they’ve also shown his range as an actor.

The video for Save Your Tears really showed to me that he has the ability to play the Joker in a future DC Comics movie. I would also love it if they went for a similar look to the one The Weeknd’s been adopted in these videos.

He would be the perfect Joker to go up against Robert Pattinson’s Batman. I also think he would be the perfect Joker for the times we live in. He’d be playing a Joker with a point. I think that if The Weeknd were to be cast in the role, then they could end up making it a statement against the current situation we all live in: the obsession with celebrity, the abundant wealth, the rediculous fame. It would be so fascinating if you ask me.

One of the big problems with Jared Leto’s Joker was that he just felt like a gangster with no real cause. Think back to all the Jokers prior, they all had a cause. They all had a reason for adopting the mantle of The Joker. Jared’s didn’t have that. I think The Weeknd’s Joker (should be cast) would have that reason, and this character he’s been playing in these videos is pretty close.

Save Your Tears’ video shows The Weeknd has Joker material


Credit: The Weeknd

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Then, there’s also the fact that The Weeknd has been doing quite a bit of acting of late. Not only in his videos, but he also turned up in Uncut Gems, which was directed by The Safdie Brothers, who also directed Robert Pattinson in Good Time. Granted, The Weeknd was playing himself in the movie, but it shows that he has an interest in being in films, so I think he would be interested in the role should it come up for him.

I also really like the idea of seeing a different sort of Joker physically to the ones we’ve seen before. The Weeknd has a different build and look to the actors who’ve played the part in the past. First off, he’s much bigger than the likes of Jared Leto and Heath Ledger, and I actually feel that would fit in nicely with Robert Pattinson’s leaner Batman. They would be the opposites of one another, and I like that. And, yes, he’s black, but I really don’t think a big deal should be made of that. I want him to be The Joker because that’s what I saw whilst watching these music videos of his.

The Weeknd could be the best Joker we’ve ever seen on-screen


Credit: The Weeknd

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In all of them, in this new character he’s been playing, I’ve seen the potential there for The Weeknd to play one of the best Joker’s we’ve ever seen on-screen. I only hope that Matt Reeves has seen that too. I also think that if they are going to be making more of these Batman films, then they will have to tackle the Joker at some point. Why not get him involved in the second film and cast The Weeknd in the role?

What do you make of this article? Do you think I might be on to something or do you think I’m absolutely mad? Do you think The Weeknd would make a good Joker? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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