The Walking Dead Will Reportedly Kill Off Negan In Its Final Season

It’s being rumoured that The Walking Dead’s bosses are planning on killing off Negan in the final seaosn of the show, which will be Season 12.

Negan is now one of the AMC show’s biggest and in a strange way most beloved characters.

He’s gone from being the show’s most terrifying villain to a sort of anti-hero.

Negan’s gone from one to the other quite a few times over the course of the show.

However, it does seem as though he’s one the good guy’s side after all.

There was a bit of a switcheroo recently which saw Negan go from being Alpha number two in command to joining Daryl and co in their fight against The Whisperers.

It was a pretty cool moment when he helped Daryl kill a bunch of The Whisperers.

There are now rumours that The Walking Dead’s bosses will keep him around until the show’s final season and then kill him off.

Sounds like The Walking Dead’s bosses might kill off Negan in Season 12


Negan in The Walking Dead Season 10 – Credit: AMC

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This rumour comes courtesy of We Got This Covered’s sources who claim that The Walking Dead’s bosses want to kill the character off in Season 12.

Before this, it was revealed that Season 12 will be the show’s last season on AMC.

This means that it still has two more seasons left after this current one.

It also means that Negan will be around until pretty much the end of the show.

It’s nice to know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will get to play the character for two more seasons at least.

What do you make of this The Walking Dead rumour?

Do you think that the show’s bosses are really going to kill off Negan in the show’s final season?

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