The Walking Dead Movie Said To Be ‘Pure Horror’

As much as Game Of Thrones took over the world, pop and culture until its final rather unsatisfactory season which seemed to have laid it to rest for good to most people… Just a few months before The Walking Dead broke onto the scene on AMC. The show’s on its eleventh season and has a bunch of spinoffs and there’s now a The Walking Dead movie coming.

Not only is the series still going along with various spin-offs on air or in the works in production. For the most part, it’s continued to be highly rated by critics and viewers alike.

For the first decade along with a fantastic cast, this was led by the unnerving performances of British Actor, Andrew Lincoln. (You may know him as the guy who famously shares his love via cards to Keira Knightley in 2003’s Love Actually – “To Me You Are Perfect”.

Older readers may remember his performances in Channel 4’s Teachers. His role and character went through so many ups and downs, emotional dramas and metamorphic changes, he was truly a joy to watch.

Andrew Lincoln Has Quit The Walking Dead Series But Is Starring In The Movie


Credit: AMC

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Yet in Season 9 he bowed out of the series, noting the actor wished to spend more time with his family back in the UK. Having had to relocate to Georgia for the shoots for the series it had begun to take its toll, but he was promised to return in series of movies following the character.

Information has been sparse on the ground about these but it seems some hints have begun to drop across the internet. Executive Producer Scott Gimple is writing the script, and after looking after the main series seems primed to deliver something exciting for fans. He’s kept information very much out of the press for the most part but has confirmed we should be expecting a trilogy.

The Walking Dead movie is going to be ‘pure horror’


Credit: AMC

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However, insider Daniel Richtman whom has been close to sources within the project have told us to expect these films as “straight horror”. Something they couldn’t really have been on the AMC Network. The question is what can that entail? Most likely an increase in profanity, gruesome deaths, scares, and the type of graphical violence of which we know Rick Grimes is capable of.

Are you excited for a Rick Grimes return? Do you like The Walking Dead, and are you excited for the movie, which it said to be “pure horror”? Let us know in the comments below.

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