New The Walking Dead Fan Theory Might Have Revealed Who The Masked Man Is

There’s a new The Walking Dead fan theory on who the masked man actually might be, and I think this one could be spot on the money.

Ever since this new character was revealed people have been trying to guess who the masked man is.

The character was revealed in a teaser for The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale episode.

However, that episode still hasn’t aired due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

There have been a bunch of fan theories about who it could be behind that mask.

A new one’s turned up on Twitter from Derek de Castro, who’s suggested that it could be Claudia from The Walking Dead comics.

Do we know who the masked man is in The Walking Dead?

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Here’s what Derek wrote on Twitter about the masked man in The Walking Dead Season 10:

For those who read #TWD: The Alien, we were introduced to Claudia. She met up with Rik’s brother and before he died he wanted Claudia to find Rick. What if the mystery lady is Claudia on her journey to find Rick?!

So, maybe the ‘masked man’ might not be a man after all.

He might be a she and I do love the idea of Claudia being introduced to the AMC series.

What do you make of this rumour?

Do you think this The Walking Dead fan theory is correct?

Who do you think could be the masked man in The Walking Dead Season 10?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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