New The Walking Dead Fan Theory May Have Revealed Who The Masked Man Is

There’s a new fan theory from some The Walking Dead fans which might have revealed who the masked man actually is, and I think it might be right.

Last month, AMC released the trailer for The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale, and it caused a bit of a stir online.

It caused a stir because it introduced a new character into the fold and fans started theorising over who this could be.

The character in question has become known as the ‘Masked Man’, however, this character could be a woman.

It’s not that clear. People are wondering who this could be, and they’re looking at the comics for clues on who this could new character could be.

We’ve now had a pretty interesting theory land on Reddit about who the masked man actually is.

The Walking Dead’s new fan theory might have revealed who the masked man is

Who is the man in the mask in The Walking Dead Season 10

Who is the man in the mask in The Walking Dead Season 10? – Credit: AMC

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Many fans seem to think that the masked man is actually Duane who was from earlier seasons in the show.

Louie3020 wrote on Reddit: “Is Duane Jones the mystery person in the mask?

“Morgan has struggled with mental illness throughout the series, it makes sense that he THINKS he saw his son die when this whole time Duane might have run away/escaped from him because dad went to that dangerous place we’ve seen so many times in the series.

“Nobody that’s still on the show would even know who he was. But it would make for an intriguing storyline if Duane, Morgan and Rick could possibly meet again.”

However, other fans pointed out that it was pretty clear that Duane was turned into a zombie, which is why Morgan’s been suffering from mental health problems.

Emilybryn added: “Even if Duane did survive, he’s only ten. He wouldn’t have lived much longer anyway.”

Most viewers believe Duane died in season three, and the man behind the mask will remain a mystery.

Masterwon said: “I’m pretty sure the mental illness comes from having to watch his son die. He wasn’t like that when Rick first met him. I don’t think he could’ve imagined/visioned it.”

What do you make of this The Walking Dead fan theory?

Who do you think the masked man is in The Walking Dead Season 10?

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