When Will The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s Release Date Be On Netflix?

It’s recently been revealed that Netflix had renewed The Umbrella Academy Season 3, and we’re looking into when its release date could be. Just as a side note, we did publish an exclusive article a while back confirming that Netflix had renewed the show for a third season (just wanted to make sure that was in this article).

So, one of the easiest ways to work out when the next season of a show is going to be released is by looking at when the previous ones were dropped. The Umbrella Academy Season 2 was released on July 31st, 2020 and it was released to pretty positive reviews.

That got us thinking, when will Netflix reveal The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s release date? If you were to take when Netflix released the previous seasons of this show, then you might think that it should be with us in the summer of 2021.

However, there’s one issue with this, and that’s the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has lead to a lot of shows and movies’ released dates being pushed further and further back. This means that there might be a bit of a longer wait for Season 3 than we might have thought they’d be.

When will The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s release date be?


Credit: Netflix

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We were recently told by one of the show’s directors, Jeremy Webb, that Season 3 is in the works. However, with the current Coronavirus pandemic, Season 3’s release date will end up being later than Netflix might have wanted it to be.

So, it’s true that The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s release date hasn’t been revealed yet. Yet, given the fact that Netflix has just revealed that they’ve renewed the show for a third season. This means that they’ll be getting production on the show underway as soon as possible.

Going back to our interview with Jeremy Webb, he started off by telling us that he’s confident The Umbrella Academy Season 3 will get the green light. Here’s what he had to say:

We’re hoping that we’re going to get a third season of The Umbrella Academy, which is highly likely I think, and obviously, some scripts have been written and I’m very much hooked into being involved in that again and interesting in doing that

So, the conversations that I’ve had are, ‘I this happens and we figure this out…’ I mean, there’s a lot of ‘If, if if’, but we’re hoping that to the subject to it being renewed getting into that in the fall, the autumn time.

Netflix has renewed The Umbrella Academy For A Third Season


Credit: Netflix

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Jeremy then went on to talk about The Umbrella Academy Season 2. That was when he revealed that he believes it’ll be even better than the first season.

I think because the first season was very successful, I think. And, I think season two’s even better. There’s a strong chance, they start to put things in place quite early on so we can get ahead of the game. So, I think there’s a certain amount of investment into getting ready for a third season on any show, especially with a giant like Netflix.

Jeremy then went on to address the Coronavirus pandemic and how it could affect shows such as The Umbrella Academy. Here’s what he had to say on that matter:

Obviously, the pandemic throws up a whole bunch on stuff that needs to be resolved, but they’re (Netflix) still huge supporters of the show, and things need to continue.

You can listen to what he said in full in the latest episode of Small Screen Stories, which you can find wherever you get your podcasts. So, it does sound like Season 3 is going to be coming to Netflix. Our best guess is that the third season will be landing on the streaming platform sometime in 2021.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3’s release date could be in 2021


Credit: Netflix

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However, with the current COVID-19 pandemic, that release date could be pushed into 2022. Hopefully, that will be early 2022 as opposed to 2021. However, how many more seasons of The Umbrella Academy will we get beyond Season 3?

Given how popular the first season of the show turned out to be worldwide, I’m pretty certain we’re going to get at least four seasons. My opinion is that The Umbrella Academy will end up getting five seasons, maybe even six. Shows on Netflix don’t tend to get more than five seasons. So, that would be a huge achievement for the comic book series.

Netflix confirmed that The Umbrella Academy’s cast set to reprise their roles include Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castañeda, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Robert Sheehan, Aidan Gallagher, Justin H. Min, Ritu Arya, and Colm Feore. Steve Blackman (Fargo, Altered Carbon) will return as Showrunner and Executive Producer.

Executive Producers for Season 3 alongside Blackman include Jeff F. King (EP/D), Mike Richardson (EP), Keith Goldberg (EP), Jesse McKeown (EP), Gerard Way (Co-EP), and Gabriel Bá (Co-EP). The season three order includes 10 one-hour episodes and will be produced by UCP, a division of Universal Studio Group, for Netflix. Production will begin in February in Toronto, Canada.

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