The Snyder Cut Fandom Was Fuelled By Fake Accounts


It’s being reported that the SnyderVerse, Restore The SnyderVerse and Release The Snyder Cut fandom was fuelled by fake accounts online.

This news was revealed by a recent article published in Rolling Stone.

The article has since come under a lot of criticism from SnyderVerse fans online and one of the stars of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Ray Fisher.

However, the article goes into a lot of detail about what went on behind the scenes in this movie and also between Snyder and Warner Bros.

For instance, according to the article, multiple sources familiar with the matter, Snyder confronted an executive in the studio’s postproduction department and issued a threat.

The source reported that Snyder said:

Geoff and Jon are dragging their feet on taking their names off my cut. Now, I will destroy them on social media.

This is not a very good quote for Zack and it really does put him in a negative light.

It does have to be said that this is a very one-sided article and we do have to approach it with a degree of scepticism.

However, it seems as though a lot of the Snyder Cut fans online were not real people on Twitter, but rather bots.

The Snyder Cut, Release And Restore the SnyderVerse movement and fandom was fuelled by fake accounts


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The article goes on to state that WarnerMedia commissioned two separate reports into the Snyder Cut movement on Twitter.

They found that at least 13% of the account that took part in the Snyder Cut conversation online were fake.

This is well above the three to five per cent that cyber experts say they typically see on any trending topic.

Moreover, Rolling Stone went on to claim that they contacted two firms that track the authenticity of social media campaigns, Q5id and Graphika.

They revealed that there was a lot of “inauthentic activity” in the SnyderVerse fandom online.

They also add that another firm Alethea Group found that the domain was at one point in time registered to a person who also ran a now-defunct ad agency which promoted its ability to bring “cheap, instant Avatar traffic to your website.”

This doesn’t make for good reading, especially since I loved the Snyder Cut.

It was one of our favourite movies to be released in 2021.

But it has to be said that fandoms can be toxic, and it does really seem as though Zack Snyder did very little to stop their bad behaviour online.

It seems as though he even used his online fandom as a threat toward studio executives which is really not good.

What do you make of this news?

Are you surprised to hear that the Snyder Cut movement was fuelled by fake accounts online?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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