The New Predator Movie’s Plot Details Reportedly Revealed

It was revealed a few months back that there is a new Predator movie being made by Dan Trachtenberg, which was really great news. It seems as though we now have some plot details for the upcoming movie.

These supposed plot details were revealed by Murphy’s Multiverse, and they have a pretty good track record with these sorts of scoops. So first, I will give you a warning for SPOILERS right now.

WARNING: Potential SPOILERS for the upcoming Predator film

There’s a new report which is now claiming that they have details on the movie’s plot. It does seem as though this upcoming Predator movie will be quite different from the previous films in the franchise.

The new Predator movie’s plot details have been revealed

The Predator franchise is in need of a reboot

Credit; 20th Century Studios

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According to Murphy’s Multiverse, the Predator film follows a rebellious 15-year-old called Kee and her 18-year-old brother Taabe. They are Comanche and the brother is destined to be Chief of their tribe one day. However, after a hunt, he thinks he doesn’t need his sister anymore, which causes friction between the siblings.

So, Kee goes out on a hunt on her own in order to prove to her brother her worth. This is where she’ll end up running into a Predator who actually will end up saving her life and her entire tribe. It really does sound like this movie will be a very different take on a Predator movie. It sounds as though the predator won’t be the main villain in the film.

What do you make of this story? Do you like the sound of this upcoming Predator movie’s plot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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