The Mandalorian Prequel Movie Reportedly Being Considered At Disney

It’s now being reported that Disney is thinking of making a The Mandalorian prequel movie.

This would be made in addition to The Mandalorian Season 2 which is coming to Disney Plus is October 2020.

According to We Got This Covered’s sources (make of that what you will) Disney has been very impressed by the show’s popularity.

The Mandalorian Season 1 was very popular with Star Wars fans.

It ended up becoming one of the most-watched shows on their new streaming service, Disney Plus.

It was revealed recently during a Disney investors call that they are already working on Season  2.

Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger actually revealed that The Mandalorian Season 2 will be released on October 2020 during this call.

So, it makes sense for Disney to want to start work on a The Mandalorian movie.

What I’m not so sure about is making it a prequel.

Will people really be that interested in what happened to The Mandalorian before the show?

I’m not 100 per cent sure if people would really be into that.

The Mandalorian might get a movie in the future

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What I envisage is something a bit more like what they did with Firefly and the subsequent film, Serenity.

We could have The Mandalorian Seasons 1, 2 and maybe even 3, and then round it all off with a feature-length picture.

The might end up releasing with The Mandalorian movie on Disney Plus rather than in cinemas.

I believe that would make some sort of sense because they might not be able to have the likes of Pedro Pascal attached to the show forever.

They also might have a great idea that could fit into a feature-length episode rather than a whole series.

This could end up being directed by Jon Favreau or Dave Filoni.

I think this would be the best way forward, but I don’t have the sources that We Got This Covered seems to have.

Therefore, all I can do is speculate.

What do you think? Is Disney really working on a The Mandalorian movie?

Let us know in the comments below.

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